Impossible Cure Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Homeopathy Revealed
Homeopathy's prominence in nineteenth century America; Homeopathy returns; Homeopathy -- the "black sheep" medicine; What you will find in this book.

Chapter 2. The Law of Similars
Hahnemann the rabble rouser; Discovery of the Law of Similars; Drug provings; Philosophical consequences of the Law of Similars; Hahnemann's personal life; Hahnemann the scientist; Homeopathy as empirical medicine.

Chapter 3. Testimony to Cure
The warning signs; The search -- without and within; Homeopathy; Initial changes; Skepticism; Osteopathy, reiki, and prayer; Joining the crowd; Remedy adjustments, and a hint of vaccination damage; An ongoing process; Why autism?; The path of healing; The many lessons learned.

Chapter 4. What Is Disease? What Is Cure?
The body machine; We are more than machines; We are intrinsically self-healing; Symptoms are our friends; Cure versus suppression; Antipathy, homeopathy, and allopathy; The law of cure; Susceptibility; Susceptibility is individual; Center of gravity; History and environment.

Chapter 5. Symptom Patterns: Humanity Reflected in Nature
Psychosomatic symptom patterns; Arnica -- the trauma remedy; The mechanics of matching symptom patterns; The center of the case; Modalities and concomitants; Causation; Situation; The doctrine of signatures; Animal patterns; Plants and minerals too; Symbolism and structure.

Chapter 6. The Development and Evolution of Homeopathic Practice
Hahnemann's development of the homeopathic system; Potentization -- the creation of the ultradilute remedies; The centesimal, decimal, and LM potencies; Remedy administration: How, how much, how often; Potency selection; One remedy at a time; Related applications and methods; Loosely related methods and modalities.

Chapter 7. Science and Skepticism: Does Homeopathy Really Work?
Existence proof; The randomized placebo-controlled trial -- the only proof of effectiveness?; It does work, and it works well; Meta-analysis; The message and the medium; Homeopathic models of remedy action; Putting it all together.

Chapter 8. The Experience of Homeopathy
Selecting a homeopath; Preparing for your first visit; The interview; Case analysis tools; Repertorization and remedy selection; Taking your remedy; Antidoting; Remedy response; Followup visits; When to report back to your homeopath; Mixing homeopathy with other types of treatment; Stick with it!

Chapter 9. Cure Is Possible
Alzheimer's disease reversed; Cancer cures and expulsion of tumors; More expulsion anecdotes; Some serious acutes; Chronic disease; Helping our animal companions with homeopathy; Fighting starvation and disease in the third world; Oh my aching *@%!&%!; The emotional and behavioral realm; Miracles happen.

Chapter 10. The Road Ahead
Licensure vs. certification; The fight for legal practice; New hope: legalization of unlicensed therapies; Homeopathic training; Other issues: insurance, access to remedies, and recognition as a distinct profession; Our right to health freedom.


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