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Posted: 2016-10-05
Contributed by: Deborah Olenev from Mountain View, CA (
Primary complaint: Autism

Treating Autism with Homeopathy – Service Without Ego

I have been treating Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children for many years, and the experience has humbled me. I cannot claim miracle cures, except for a few cases – and I can’t even say this for sure—as I do not have long term follow-up. What I can say is that most of these children have been helped with the homeopathic treatment they received from me, and made progress toward improved health and well being.

There are a few families with ASD children who have stuck by me for an extended time with my classical homeopathic approach. We make progress, and changes happen that improves the lives of these children and their families. It is a slow, sometimes exhilarating, and sometimes frustrating process.

My method of working is to ask the parents to complete a questionnaire, which I review and use to create an analysis sheet with, and from which I begin the repertorization process. Actually I do materia medica searches on ReferenceWorks from Synergy Homeopathy. The reason I do this is that I can see what is actually said about each symptom. I do double check every remedy under each symptom that I look up.

My partner in my work is God, the Self, or the intuitive mind, (whatever you wish to name it), because I have found that it is impossible to practice homeopathy strictly at the level of the intellect. This is the first thing one realizes when learning about remedies—the therapeutic properties of the remedies bypass reason and logic. We are talking about the sacred when we are speaking about remedies, their healing properties, and the mysteries of human health.

So more important than developing analytical abilities, and a vast storehouse in one’s mind of materia medica, is spiritual development gained through meditation practice and introspection. I am an instrument of the divine power, which guides me in assisting the people attracted to me for homeopathic treatment. More precisely there is no separation between God, Myself, my clients and the remedies. At the deepest level we are all one.

Here is a case of a preteen autistic boy in process. I will present his analysis sheet, which summarizes his story, and gives the remedies and dates they were given. At the end I will present his last chart of symptoms, so you can see the progress of the case. Much has been accomplished and much is left to be done. I hope this will be helpful to other homeopaths, and people seeking help for their children.

How beautiful it is when people do not expect a miracle cure and come willing to work hard along with the homeopath, and feel gratitude for every little positive change. How wonderful when people are not attached to outcomes, but accept where their children are at in the moment with love and surrender. I am very privileged to know such extraordinary people. My heart swells with love for them. The parents of this boy are such people.

Here is the case starting with the analysis sheet.

Roland’s Analysis Sheet 9/21/15

Diagnosis: Autism. He is non-verbal but is a physical dynamo and in excellent physical shape. He is homeschooled.


Very hyperactive: Roland prefers to be moving at all times and is very “heavy handed” with everything. He does not experience a downturn until right before bedtime. Even when he is sitting he is rocking. He would turn his music all the way up. He dances, he runs back and forth, runs around the house.

He has trouble holding a pencil but can manage a fork and spoon.

Perspiration: Depending on the activity he engages in is easy to sweat all over. Loves to be covered up with his heavy comforter when he is going to bed.

Sleep: Terrible sleep problems. He has no problem going to sleep; its staying asleep that is tough for him. Goes to sleep at 8:30-9pm and wakes between 2:30-6:30am. The earlier he wakes in the morning the more hyperactivity he expresses; almost manic.

Sensitive to loud noise

Dark circles at all times under his eyes.

Seasonal allergies were really bad when he was going to school. They were so bad that his eyes would swell. He had a lot of snorting. His throat and ears would itch tremendously. Health History:

In the past, he suffered from allergies both seasonal and food (gluten, dairy). He had eczema basically from birth that just cleared up in April of 2014. Since going gluten and dairy free in 2013 he lost his bloated look and it calmed his emotions. He has always tippy walked in and out and it usually correlated with stomach discomfort. He has had a history of constipation.

Vaccinations: Roland was vaccinated up until 1 year of age.

Personal History:

“Roland was conceived a year after his sister was born. The pregnancy was totally unplanned, I was in poor health when I got pregnant with him. Worn out from little sleep, severe candida, depressed with marital problems. I was happy about the blessing but felt that it was too much of a physical burden for myself and to put on my husband. I held the energy of that the whole pregnancy and in turn I’m sure Roland felt unwanted from the start.” -Mom

“Looking at the situation now, it is easy for me to see how Roland is in this condition. He was conceived in depression. I was not happy at all in my life and career. Depressed that life was changing so quickly. I was no longer the center of my world. Immature and acting out, l let life get a hold on me and I took it out on my family. To this day, I still feel that my son’s condition is a result of me not being there for him when he needed me.” -Dad

Roland was distant from the time he was born. He did not like or feel attached to any of us with good reason. He would scream all day from 7 am until he went to sleep at 7 pm. He was in pain. He was so bloated and swollen. His head seemed very large.

He cried inconsolably for a year every day. After a year it seemed to fade and he looked well. He began to talk at one and a half years old but it faded by two years of age. He hit all his milestones physically.

Both mom and dad have developed a loving understanding relationship with Roland.


Very affectionate, always hugging and kissing.

Bites himself: He gets frustrated and bites himself on the wrist to show his anger. He bites himself and whines if he can’t get what he wants.

Bites his nails when he is nervous:

Moodiness: Roland is very moody, going from zero to hundred in 2 seconds. He gets angry usually around food. Angry to so affectionate. When he was a baby he was inconsolable and didn’t care to be close to us. Now he is super affectionate. He likes the hug, likes the deep pressure, he loves to be tickled, and will come sit with you and fall on you.

Fears: He has a fear of elevators, escalators. He gets really worried if dad walks out of the house. Dad says if there is something out of the routine, he gets really nervous and will bite his fingernails.

Fear trying new things: Raphael has a fear of trying new things but will warm up after seeing the activity.

If something is out of his routine, he will start to get nervous and bite on his nails. If he senses something.

Demanding, controlling and stubborn: He does not like to be told “No.” He doesn’t like to be told what to do. He does not like being told no. He will bite his wrist and whine.

Food obsession. Please see the food section below.

Clairvoyant: He has ESP, Telepathy. He is sympathetically telepathic. He can sense what anybody in the family is thinking and will pick up on all the energy in the house. From birth he expressed all the sadness and anger mixed with his own. He was a sponge and a channel for everything that was unsaid between his dad and mom. He does not talk but reads facial emotions very quickly and easily. He knows when you are happy. Some of his perceptions are so supernatural.

He is always loud and babbling.

Envious of the attention in the house: He gets envious of the attention in the house.

Whininess and Irritability: He has always been irritable. That is part of his personality. When he is not feeling good, he gets very whiny.

Comprehension lacking: Comprehension of the words is not there. We have done every test. hearing is fine, MRI is perfect, blood test is perfect.

Reading comprehension is also poor.

Nonverbal: He is still non verbal. He can say beginning sounds of things.


Weather: Rain amel; amel in nature, agg full moon.

Temperature: He is usually on the warm side because of his hyperactivity and depending on the activity he engages in is easy to sweat all over. Loves to be covered up with his heavy comforter when he is going to bed. Kicks his covers off during sleep but wakes to want them replaced. Head sweats at night.

Times of Day: Roland is hyperactive most of the day and does not experience a downturn until right before bedtime.

Morning aggravation: He has an unusually hard time in the morning upon 5 minutes after waking. He whines, bites himself, and sometimes cries. He does this every morning until he eats his breakfast.


Roland has autism. He is non-verbal but is a physical dynamo. He is stronger and bigger (not obese) than most children his age and is a talented gymnast with exceptional balance and athleticism. He has excellent eye contact. He has an excellent memory. He can concentrate on something when he likes the activity. Activities Enjoys:

Roland enjoys his Ipad, computer, horseback riding, and playing with water.


He eats according to the “Gaps Diet” and seems to digest the food very well. Does not have a problem with eating anything except fruit. He stuffs food in his mouth when he eats. Totally obsessed with food. We have to lock the pantry and he darts into the kitchen when anyone walks in there. He is like a bottomless pit. He loves eggs. Very thirsty which he is given water (he requests it always with ice) or tea.


(This is where I put my thoughts down, and if I am studying a particular symptom, I will note the remedies that have the symptom. I am looking at some of the remedies with bites himself below).

Bites himself: Look at: Tarentula. Syph has biting sensations, but not bites himself. Stramonium has biting himself.

Sol-t-ae has biting. Very interesting remedy. It is Solanum tuberosum aergrotans. Diseased potato. Ask if he has ever had problems with the anus or rectum. It wakes with anxiety in the morning. Rises in the night imagining that there are thieves behind the curtain.. Craving oranges. Bites themselves, their hands.

Plumbum has biting himself.

Opium has biting himself. Good possibility. It has autism.

Medicines and Supplements:

He currently is not on any medication. He has taken homeopathy for a year and a half with another homeopath. Through homeopathy, some of Roland’s sensory issues have diminished. The subtle changes in his character has revealed such a sweet loving little boy. The nuances within the way autism has taken a hold of him have diminished. Roland has come a long way in a gentle manner with homeopathy. We have sadly come to a wall with our current homeopath. Because of this, we started to take Roland to an osteopath (4 appointments). We feel that he is blocked in some way.

Remedies prescribed by Deborah Olenev:

9/24/15 Medorrhinum 200C 8 pellets in 4 oz. of water. Drink 3 TBSP .

Response: his sleep became worse, biting himself became worse, food obsession increased, whininess and irritability worsened after initially being better for two weeks. There was some improvement in comprehension, and in the expanding of the range of things he was interested in. He was less envious of his sister, and nail biting lessened a little.

11/9/15 Plan wait and observe for four to five weeks.

1/11/16 Opium 200C 8 pellets in 4 oz. of water, drink 3 TBSP. Here is what I wrote to Roland’s parents about why I prescribed Opium:

Dear Parents, The symptom of biting his arms stood out strongly from our conversation yesterday, so I focused on remedies that had this symptom in the way that you both described it and I came to a list of 14 remedies that had this symptom. The remedy I ended up with was Opium 200C. This remedy is listed for biting the arms, and is also mentioned for autism in one of my materia medicas for children. (Now I realize that I can substitute the word aphasia for autism in my materia medica searches).

Opium is listed for hyperactivity and is a huge remedy for constipation in children. It has the nightly aggravation, it can have voracious appetite, the babbling speech, and embarrassment. It has difficult comprehension issues. There is no remedy that sounds absolutely perfect, but I would like to see how far this remedy takes us.

2/15/16 Opium 200C 10s pellets in 6 oz. of water, drink 5 TBSP

4/22/16 Opium 1M 8 pellets in 4 oz. of water, 6 TBSP

7/20/16 Opium1M 8 pellets in 6 oz. of water, succuss 15 times, drink 6 TBSP

Roland’s Chart of Symptoms from 9/22/16:

Better (If three or four symptoms in the better category get worse for two to three weeks please call or send me an e-mail. It may be an indication that you are ready for a dose of the remedy).

The lump on the left side of his neck is gone. Eczema on the right arm is gone.

Reading comprehension – he is flying through some of the things that were challenging for him before. He is really fast.

Dark circles under his eyes has gotten much better since he has been sleeping.

He puts himself to bed. He does wonderfully.

Demanding attention is not as much.

His whining is gone. The soul grating whining is gone.

Quickness to anger and frustration – you can tell that he is getting upset about something, but it is not as aggressive as before. He is not doing the wrist biting and running about.

Morning agg. This is still his worse time of day, but it is not as bad as it was. The mania in the morning has calmed down quite a bit.

Last week he was getting up at 2 and 3 a.m. four or five times. This was around the full moon. Outside of that maybe there will be once when he gets up in a two week period.

Biting arms has been less. The last time it was at 100%. It is now down to 25%.

Food obsession has calmed down a bit. He is still food obsessed. It is not as aggressive as it was. Before it was all kinds of foods. Now it is strictly sugar. He doesn’t eat candy, but he loves raisins.

The hyperactivity has calmed down. It was really bad the last time we talked at 100%. It is now at 50%.

Same (The symptoms in the same category usually start to get better by six months from when you took the remedy).

Trouble holding a pencil is the same. Always loud babbling is the same.

No improvement in his language. If it is food related he can tell you what he wants. He can say the beginning of words, like for raisins it will be rai.

He gets embarrassed, because he is eleven, and he can’t speak. He still bites his nails.


Roland has made many gains since he began treatment exactly one year ago. He has improved in almost all areas except language. It is possible that if we continue to work with Opium in ascending potencies that it will eventually help with this symptom, or if it doesn’t, I hope we will be guided to the next remedy for Roland.

Some hints on studying autism cases:

Use the word aphasia in addition to autism and mutism when looking for remedies. Aphasia means loss of ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage. There are 153 remedies listed for aphasia, but only 31 for autism, and 34 for mutism. By using the older word you get a much broader range of remedies.

Humility, and presenting a realistic view of what is involved in bringing a person to health, on the part of the homeopathic community, would benefit the general public greatly. Finally

What is the duty of the homeopath: Service without Ego. Show up, do the work, put in your best effort with love and kindness, let go of the outcome, and faith in a higher power. These are the ingredients to making a good homeopath.

Comment from parents

I made sure that the parents approved of the article, and this is what they said: “Hello Deborah! We are so grateful to have Roland featured in hopes that it helps others. The reality of going through Autism and what healing looks like is long and deep as the journey of the soul. You have made amazing progress with him and it is a blessing and honor to work with someone like you. My husband and I are overwhelmed with gratitude with the many kind words you wrote about us as parents. Not only have you helped Roland but you helped all of us grow into new spaces to become more of ourselves. On behalf of of our whole family, thank you so very much. “

Posted: 2014-06-29
Contributed by: Kari J. Kindem, CFHom from San Jose, CA (
Primary complaint: Fibromyalgia and Crohn\'s Disease

I wish to provide a link to the already published story on my website.

Please read the full story by Kari J. Kindem, CFHom at

Posted: 2014-06-08
Contributed by: Elena S. from Huntington Beach
Primary complaint: Autism/Yeast/Social Skills

We took our 3 year old son to a homeopath. He presented with persistent yeast problems, social challenges, speech challenges, lack of eye contact, and Autism. Just from the very first dose of a remedy, we noticed a HUGE difference with homeopathy. In fact, our son's summer school teacher had made a comment that between summer school ending and fall school starting, she said he seemed like a totally different child. With each vaccination clearing remedy, simple cold-like remedies (chronic and acute), as well as anxiety remedies, at least 95% of the time we saw improvement of some sort, whether it be improvement of cognitive thinking, with speech, reduction in anxiety, reduction in aggressiveness, and yeast problems became almost non-existent! This was one of our biggest challenges as it seemed that the antifungals just weren't getting rid of the yeast; rather, they were only bandaids. Almost immediately after our son's first dose, it seemed as if the yeast had disappeared. It was amazing. Farah Gron, our homeopath, took over as our prior homeopath, Dr. Luc de Shepper, was retiring. We couldn't be happier with Farah's knowledge, response time, genuine concern, and help with helping our son recover from Autism through the use of homeopathy. We feel homeopathy has brought our son back to us. We still have work to do, but he has come SO far with homeopathy.

Posted: 2014-01-29
Contributed by: Annette Liberty from San Francisco (
Primary complaint: Lyme disease and reaction to tetanus vaccine

I LOVE your book Impossible Cure. 12 years ago I became paralyzed from the waist down and was bedridden for 7 months. 2 weeks before this happened I had a tetanus shot because I had cut my finger and required stitches. What a mistake that was. I was seriously ill with a fatigue that lasted many years, but more intensely during those 7 months and could hardly make it to the bathroom or take a shower. I was too weak to leave my home. I saw 9 doctors, including a neurologist at Stanford and one UCSF. No one knew what was wrong and they didn’t want to see me again, because they could not find anything in my blood tests. I sought out healers. I started to see an herbalist. I was desperate. After 7 months, I could go back to work part time but could not walk more than about 50 steps a day. I could not stand more than 30 seconds without pain up and down my legs. The leg and walking problems lasted for several years.

After 2 ½ years my herbalist was the one who discovered it was Lyme. I went to a Lyme specialist who confirmed it with a more intense blood test. I was on cocktails of powerful antibiotics for 3 ½ years. They made me very sick and did not help much, but it was all I had. I then heard about Dr. Ronald D. Whitmont in Rhinebeck, New York; and New York City, through my herbalist. I got approval from my m.d. to try homeopathy. Dr. Ronald Whitmont is an m.d. and classically trained homeopath. He is the son of Dr. Edward Whitmont whom you spoke of several times in your book. My first conversation with him felt like I had come home. Dr. Whitmont was very understanding, supportive and calming. We talked for a couple of hours and he told me which homeopathic med to take. I was nervous to stop the antibiotics fearing I would get very ill again. I started an LM1 dose every day, felt a little sick and after 30 days on homeopathy, I was out of pain and felt good. Unbelievable! It’s been several years, and I’m almost 100% back to normal. I think homeopathy is a true miracle, and a true Godsend. I still take maintenance doses but I feel its helping my future health in more ways than I even realize. At this moment, I\'m walking on the treadmill 30 minutes a day, lifting weights and doing yoga. I plan to increase this as I continue to get stronger and stronger. Over time, I had begun to realize the tetanus vaccine was what nearly killed me and brought out the Lyme with a severity I can’t describe. Thank you for your book. I love learning more and more about homeopathy. I agree with every word you wrote. Your book is a gift to us all. Gratefully, Annette Liberty

Posted: 2013-08-23
Contributed by: Roger Bird from Colorado Springs (
Primary complaint: Pinched Nerve

On 16 March 2013 (my son's birthday), I started to experience a pinched nerve between my L5 and S1 vertebra. I was really hurting. I was also very constipated and had really bad insomnia, before and after this pinched nerve. I was not a happy camper there for a while. This condition made me snap at my dear family. My wife was freaking out over the possibility of an early grave for me. But thanks to homeopathy, I have within the past week (23 August 2013) experienced a 90% improvement in the constipation, a 75% improvement with the insomnia, and a 20% improvement with the pinched nerve. Homeopathy teaches you patience, and I am just beginning to heal.

Homeopathy is BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:->)

Posted: 2013-08-09
Contributed by: Anonymous from SF Bay Area
Primary complaint: high-functioning autism

My husband and I have a son who was diagnosed at age 3 with high-functioning autism. He was randomly hitting his preschool peers, avoiding social interaction and eye contact with peers (didn\'t seem to see them as equals to himself), getting lost in his own thoughts, waving his hands (stimming) and perseverating on a couple favorite topics. Often he spoke with an unusually loud voice and reacted unusually strongly to sounds, hated having his fingernails or toenails trimmed, was pathologically afraid of black dogs. He seemed anxious and his facial expression often seemed stern. His preschool teacher asked us whether he smiled or laughed at home, which we found odd. Soon we started to see him seeming anxious and stressed at home as well, and in crowded situations like farmers markets. Ultimately he was kicked out of preschool because he was hitting other children.

We took him to his physician, Dr. Sabina Sonneman, who also happens to be a classically trained homeopath. After hearing our detailed description of his symptoms and observing him in her office (though many of his symptoms didn\'t manifest as strongly in her cozy quiet office), she started him on Stramonium. Seemingly overnight he stopped hitting other children, and several other symptoms started to recede. We remember vividly the day when he walked into his 4s preschool class (at a different school) and said he wanted to play with So-n-so, by name. It was the first time he seemed to recognize a peer as a person and wanted to interact with them. He made eye contact with that child and played with them.

Over the following months and years, we observed symptom after symptom fall away as we continued taking him to Dr. Sonneman and she continued to prescribe various different homeopathic remedies. Other than removing gluten from our diet, homeopathy has been the only long-term treatment we\'ve used. He stopped talking overly loudly, stopped protesting when we cut his nails, stopped freaking out at the farmers market, stopped waving his hands, stopped avoiding eye contact or talking to peers, stopped running away frantically from dogs.

Now 7, he still perseverates on a couple topics and has a few other quirky behaviors and physical symptoms, so he still takes homeopathic remedies. We are re-introducing gluten into his diet, and though he still seems sensitive to it, as well as to refined sugar and chocolate, he\'s able to handle about a sandwich per day. He attends a regular public school, is mainstreamed but does get speech-and-language practice twice a week. He likes cute dogs and pets them. He has more varied interests. Physically he just seems a lot calmer and composed. Overall he continues on a positive trajectory and we have high hopes that he\'ll be fine in the long run.

Posted: 2013-02-27
Contributed by: Angela from Seattle
Primary complaint: Immune deficiencies

My son has immunity issues, was really sensitive to noise, seemed to run out energy moments after he started to play and had an obvious pallor to his skin. His gut was obviously the issue, but there were so many other things going on at the same time. I was coming off of postpartum thyroiditis, some depression from the constant thyroid induced mood swings, and was really struggling to find any sense of equilibrium as I focused on my son.

We found our way to homeopathy after more than 6 months with a great Naturopath. We felt we had stopped the continuous downhill slide with supplements for both of us, but we weren't yet seeing any signs of reversing the trend. Our homeopathist, Angelica Lemke, treated both of us. I had hoped she might, but wasn't sure if I would warrant any remedy since my situation wasn't as intense as my son's. By treating my anxiety, she gave me the courage and patience to follow through with our first remedy until I got more confidence in the process.

Within 3 months, my son and I saw real steps towards healing. I didn't expect it to help my thyroid improve, heal my C-section scar, cure toenail fungus, or allow me to feel so much more even-keeled all the time. I had hoped to feel less exhausted, but this was much more than that. Old emotional issues came to the surface and fell away, giving me a much less anxious feeling. My son definitely had no idea what to expect since he wasn't quite 2. His energy, happiness, tolerance for noise/light, skin tone, sleep, and reactions to colds (indicative of his immune system recovering) all improved enough to be noticeable to other people or measurable on lab work.

Working with Angelica has been so helpful to our family. With her encouragement, I learned so much about homeopathy. I found my own way through acute remedies, researched and tried remedies Angelica recommended that seemed to address my emotional history, and watched my son get more confidence. Angelica brought another source of light into our lives when I felt overwhelmed and unsure how to go forward. She also encouraged us to keep learning in our healing journey - to ask questions, to suggest remedies I\'d researched, and to keep my mind and eyes open to any things that spoke to me as we work towards healing. Such a difference from the Drs and pediatricians we had worked with before!

Posted: 2012-11-07
Contributed by: Dalene B. from Tempe, Arizona (
Primary complaint: Autism

Dear Dr. Oskin, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. I have been searching for help for my twelve year old daughter for twelve years. I have been to so many doctors over the years from the moment she was born I knew there was something very different. She was on heart monitors and medications from the time she was four months old. Then they thought she was deaf, then she was diagnosed with pervasive mental disorder and the worst case of ADD that Dr. Thomas Roth, a specialist, had ever seen. She felt she had the brain of a two year old at age four and had no comprehension skills. She was put on Ritalin and every year pretty much put on more drugsŠ anti-depressants, sleeping aids, and stronger Ritalin. She was diagnosed with Autism at age ten and put on different medications. She has seen different psychiatrists and finally we were given your card by a therapist. I thought you were going to help with my daughter\'s excessive weight gain over the past year and that was my main concern. I was so worried about her heart and the fact that she had gained sixty pounds in the space of a year, due to a side effect of the drugs from her psychiatrist, and her weight just kept going up. After having the initial consultation which was so thorough and extensive and it took at least two hours I was very skeptical and very concerned when you said your goal was to get her off all her meds, which her father, a pediatrician, was adamant on keeping her onŠ. he is a firm believer in Ritalin! I had tried taking her off it without his consent a few years before and she suffered to keep up in school and all her special needs teachers said it was not working without her meds so I put her back on. I took your advice got her off her anti depressant first and in May after her final exams I took her off the Ritalin so all she was taking was her homeopathic remedies (thank you thank you). You were the only doctor that asked everything from the sweat beads on her nose to the smell of her feet you wanted to know every detail. Every month there was a little change. Some months very slight and sometimes I felt no change at all and you encouraged me to stick with it just a little longer. You were so thoughtful of discussing my daughter\'s case with other doctors and a nutritionist that deals with special needs kids. This was done on your time and every time my daughter made any progress you were so happy for her. You truly care about her and it shows. We have been coming to you since November of 2011 and have only been to see you once a month and my daughter is off all her medications and only takes your natural homeopathic remedies and fish oils and Vitamin D and she is getting A\'s in some subjects at school. She has never read or understood a book in her life and now she is reading a book a week! Reading just connected in her brain about two months ago and she is comprehending everything that she is readingŠ this is a miracle!!! She can pick any book up including the bible and read you any part of it. I never thought I would see this day. We are so excited for her. On Sunday while I was questioning her to see if she was really comprehending what she was reading, she told me that she understands books she just does not understand people. :) She has lost over twenty pounds over the past three months and she is feeling so good about it. The swelling in her face is gone and her cravings are gone. She can have a conversation that makes sense! She has never had friends her own age and over the last two weeks she has had two friends come over to our house this is also a first. Her attitude towards me has gotten so much better. She is just getting it and all she is on is the homeopathic remedies from you!!! There are so many more changes that have happened over the last ten months. Things I had just given up on and felt helpless about because no one has been able to help us till you, including the Melmed Center. How do I ever thank you or repay you for giving my child her life back?????? You have changed not only her life for the better but her siblings and her have a much better relationship and I feel confident that if we continue on this path she will not always be completely dependent on me. She will be able to function and be a great part of society I never thought that possible either. I am so grateful and if I can do anything for you I will. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are our miracle man!

Posted: 2012-11-03
Contributed by: Brooke from Trenton (
Primary complaint: Autism

I am new to homeopathy.i first learned of it from Amys webpage about her son Max.I was nothing short of stunned by the similarities between her son and my daughter.I mean it was as if it was her.Even the family history was identical.So i read on and heard about carcinosin.Something inside told me this is it!I know this is my daughters missing piece.So i contacted a homeopath who was also CEASE certified because i was going to try that route too!We are in the process of that also.The changes so far are amazing!The speech that was nearly non existent is blossoming.She can tell me what she wants, and is the most affectionate little love bug ever.Shes blowing away her teachers at school.Even family members are shocked.Some werent believers.So to anyone who says it doesnt work,perhaps you may have had the wrong remedy.Keep trying.We are in the beginning of this but i have all the faith in the world recovery is possible and i want to thank Amy for making her research available to all of us newbies that we may heal our children from the many assaults that cause autism.There is hope .Please dont give up.Your childrens health and life depend on it!

Posted: 2012-10-02
Contributed by: Suzan Shroff from Los Angeles (
Primary complaint: Autism

Hello, I wanted to share with you and the world about the treatment my child underwent with a doctor in India.

His name is Dr. Anish Vaknalli and his treatment and its outcome has been published at

I recently wrote a testimonial for his website and have pasted the same below. The changes my child and many others through his treatment has been wonderful and very encouraging. I hope parents consider such treatments and stay open to alternative treatments for Autism.

As of now my child has improved dramatically and easily blends with his peers and the society. We still need to work on his social skills and but are very optimistic after experiencing the changes under Dr. Anish Vaknalli\'s treatment.

---------------------------------------- Below is the descriptions which I would like to share:

We were blessed with the birth of our daughter in the year 2000. Being our first child we weren\'t very aware of the milestones a child goes through and enjoyed all her achievements as they came. In the first 2 years all her milestones such as crawling, teething, walking and feeding habits looked absolutely normal when compared to others. However towards the end of her second year we noticed that our child did not respond to our gestures and seemed a bit aloof or lacked interest in the things around her. Her speech for a 2 year child was fine; however she wasn\'t picking up new words or lacked the desire to learn new words as other kids of her age did.

By the time she was 3 yrs we started to notice that she preferred to stay aloof, away from social interactions as well as verbal communication with other children. Time went by and our lack of knowledge prevented us from seeking the correct counseling and intervention.

On entering preschool we got our first inclination of the diagnosis as the teachers there began to notice certain patterns and referred us to a therapist. By that time she had pronounced fear of loud, sudden noises such as bursting of crackers, fear of crossing the streets and sudden flashes of light such as while taking photographs. She had a peculiar habit of lifting her skirt repetitively or asking for the same thing aggressively over and over again till she got it. She liked rocking while sitting and could not relate to our emotions of anger in response to her behavior.

Changes on starting treatment

At this stage we were referred to Dr. Anish Vaknalli as our therapist had seen numerous children doing well under his treatment and progressed significantly.

On our first visit, doctor spent close to an hour with us observing her movements and social interactions and asked her entire history, preferences and habits thoroughly. From what I understood about Homeopathy and his specialized approach was that unlike conventional therapies where the same line of treatment is prescribed for a particular condition, here, every child is gauged differently and treated constitutionally.

On starting this line of Homeopathic treatment with Dr. Anish we began to notice changes after the first couple of months which are in the sequence as follows:

The first and most important change we noticed was that our child who till date did not bother to ask for things or share her liking or dislikes began to do so and felt less vulnerable, fearful or shy is what we felt. She lacked eye contact and always looked away while spoken to. Now, she had more confidence and made continuous eye contact which was totally absent prior to this treatment.

Though she did well in her school and got good overall grades she lacked the ability to communicate through essay writings and emotions which we felt were changing too. Her repetitive actions reduced by more than 50%, though her fear of loud noises and light flashes took a bit longer to subside, which eventually did significantly.

After 8-11 months of continuous treatment I am glad to say that my daughter (Ameya) is coping much better than she did a year ago with all the new introductions made in her life. Her social interaction has noticeably increased and knows what she wants and asks for it confidently. I am sure in the following months she will be as normal as any other child and encourage parents like me to opt for Homeopathy along with any other therapy they choose.


I hope parents opt for such treatments and have shared one such source or doctor I am confident about.

Sincerely, S. Shroff

Posted: 2012-09-24
Contributed by: Meredith from Coto De Caza, CA
Primary complaint: Anxiety, Select Mutism, Stuttering

My daughter has suffered from anxiety as long as I can remember. She was terrified any time I could not be with her and would not calm down. We stopped going to church and I stopped going to MOPS type activities (where she was with children and I was with the moms) because the teachers would always call me out to come and get her. She would become hysterical.

She also had many food allergies and refluxed constantly.

She was afraid of the teacher in preschool and would not talk in class. She was an early reader at 4 but the teacher told me in our conference she was concerned she might have learning challenges because she wouldn\'t respond to her questions. She played quietly and didn\'t engage with the other children. This lasted for 2 years of preschool. She also started stuttering as she learned to speak (she was an early talker) and stuttered very badly. The teacher recommended she not start Kindergarten at 5 due to her lack of participation in class and her weak social skills.

We started homeopathy for my daughter with Farah Gron. I started to notice that the refluxing and the stuttering could be controlled with the remedies my daughter was taking. As we moved through Farah\'s treatment plan, the stuttering and refluxing stopped completely! They had been going on for years.

With the support of homeopathy, my daughter THRIVED in Kindergarten! She was asked on so many playdates that I couldn\'t keep up! She won a medal for academic excellence (one of three in her class) and she loved school! Her confidence increases every day. She just started a new school and faced the first day without anxiety but with excitement! She has easily made new friends and her new teacher said she doesn\'t know what to do with her--she is so advanced that the curriculum isn\'t appropriate for her.

We believe God saved our daughter and He used homeopathy to do it! We recommend Farah Gron and homeopathy to anyone who will listen!

Posted: 2012-08-14
Contributed by: Elizabeth Anne from Nairobi kenya (
Primary complaint: Autism

My name is Elizabeth , My son was diagnosed with autism at the age of two years after he took an antibiotic for a serious infection he had. Although we were devasted we were lucky enough to receive alot of information at the same time from parents who had retrieved their children from this terrible disease. The important key remains early intervention before the age of 8 years. I was able to put him on occupational therapy, i put him on a diet free of , sugar ,wheat, milk and milk products. His diet comprises camel milk which has gut healing properties, natural honey which you must be careful to ensure id not adulterated or if you can do without it totally that iis even better and give more natural foods, sweet potatoes, rice, maize flour chicken and fish, do not give any meat, for breakfast i do cereals with a maize base such as cornflakes, porrige, rice flakes, ceravita flakes, do not give macoroni or sphagetti as they have gluten but instead give buckwheat and rice and corn macoroni from healthy U stores.Plenty of fruit at break time in school is what i give him , i stay away from cakes, biscuits etc, he caries grapes, mangoes, oranges, carrot sticks,watermelon, maize based bites i.e chicken bites with a corn base, crips. I also give flaxseed oils omega (3-6-9)to boost immunity and brain function with DMG to assist with speech all these alongside the Homeopathy which works on healing his entire internal mechanism including the damage inflicted on the brain and gut by vacinnes and antibiotics. If i have had to give any antibiotics i have been very careful indeeed to buy an good multivitamin to give alongside it as antibiotics destroy the good bacteria. the multivitamin ensures the presence of good bacteria which antibiotics destroy leading the gut to behave like a sieve with huge holes that lets through into the childs blood stream toxins soem of which have been known to lodge in the brain and damage the centre that relates to speech. It has been amazing seeing my son emerge from a prison of silence and solitude. he speaks about 100 words now. I have been able to now transfer him into normal school but with upto 10 children in his class to allow him to socialize with children who speak and it took him exactly a year to become verbal he now reads and writes. At home i have plenty of pop corn parties in my house so that i allow other children to come and play with him to allow him to work on his social skills. At fist he would hide under his bed or behind a chair each time they came but now he plays with all of them.the mess in my house and the noise has been a nightmare of sorts at times but has been worth it just to see him talk and learn to socialize. Autistic children may also be dyslexic but a programme used world over known as KUMON has given my son a new lease and grip on reading skills as well as plenty of confidence i started him only with english at age 6 and he is now able to read and write very very well now. He started to read at age 6 and a half and is reading very well. Simply amazing. I thank God every day i think about how far he has come from the nightmare of that initial diagnosis and i am here to give hope that it can be done. Early intervention before age of 8 years is very very important. My number is 000254-712764065 (kenya). I hope i have helped some body out there.thank you

Posted: 2012-07-29
Contributed by: Cathy Lemmon from Dallas, TX
Primary complaint: Asperger\'s, Bipolar, etc.

Our son, Brandon, when he was five years old began receiving diagnoses of nearly everything from Asperger's to Bipolar, ODD, OCD, sensory/anxiety issues, and even a bit of ADHD in to boot. He is our oldest child, and so I was new to all of this and wanted only to do what was best for my son. Brandon has always been very intelligent, scoring very high on California Achievement Tests, learning everything I taught him (we homeschool) amazingly quickly. But he had his "issues" that were very difficult for me to work with. One of these that was very pronounced were these horrible rage attacks that would occur at least once daily. I would never know what would set them off. And, once they'd get going, there would be absolutely nothing I could do for him but wait it out. I would hold him on my lap, usually on the floor, in literally a "straighttjacket"-type hold, and just calmly wait. When he got too big for me to do this, I would make sure there was nothing around he might be able to hurt himself or anything else with and, again, just wait. I learned a "placid" look quite well. I also learned well to not react to things he'd say or do, because it would just make him worse.

Being our oldest, I really didn't know what best to do. I read books. Being one who has always liked "natural" things, I used many natural techniques I learned about. It seemed to no avail. I finally took him in to a "specialist" (psychologist), who saw him stacking blocks and quickly determined a "possible Asperger's" for him-- and referred us on to a psychiatrist. This subsequently led, of course, to medications for him-- SSRIs and mood stabilizers and the like. The first one he was on I was told he'd have to have his liver checked every few months, "just to be safe." He was all of about six years old when this started. I hated it! I felt from the beginning that all this was simply a bandage, not really addressing the problem, just kind of blanketing it all in. When I'd bring him in for his regular check-ups, the doctor would not interact with Brandon at all-- he'd just have Brandon off playing with toys in his office and talk to me about him. He wanted to know if the meds he was prescribing were working. It drove me nuts. "Well, LOOK at him! Ask HIM!" I'd think. I finally found and purchased the book, The Bipolar Child . That's where I learned about Omega-3 fish oils and how they helped with depression. When I started those on Brandon, only then did I REALLY start seeing improvement in him. Then I removed high fructose corn syrup, and was very pleased with how that helped him. I'd tell this to the doctor, and he'd basically, only slightly interested, say, "Really? Well, I'll write that down."

Brandon was making so much improvement that I started cutting down his meds-- and only telling the doctor I had done so at Brandon's next appointment, because I knew he'd never tell me to do that. (This is not something I'd necessarily recommend-- it's simply what I did.) During this time, I learned about homeopathy through a special needs e-mail list I was on. I was very intrigued and ended up taking two courses in it. It has become our family's first medical approach of choice. I have since also read Amy's book, Impossible Cure-- and I most highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning about homeopathy.

It quickly got to the point that Brandon and his siblings became better than me at reading ingredient labels at the stores! Brandon knew the positive difference avoiding certain things was making in his life. However, he would still have the rage attacks at least once a day. And I was beginning to find myself nearly at my wits', end, trying to find a good, natural way to work with this. We moved to my home state of Montana. And it was then that I kind of stumbled into a homeopath very well known for working with children on the autism spectrum. During Brandon's initial visit with her (done using Skype), Brandon answered one question of hers a certain way, and she immediately knew what he needed. She sent a single dose of a remedy. Brandon has not had a rage attack since. And he's been med-free since very shortly thereafter.

I now consider Brandon a pretty "normal" 17-year-old. I am very confident he's going to have a very successful future. When used properly, homeopathy is absolutely amazing, helping the body heal itself. I highly recommend it for everyone.

Thank you, Amy for your book and for having this website to help further people's knowledge of homeopathy.

By the way, in my own efforts to promote homeopathy, especially in the world of special needs, I have an e-mail list already used by parents and practitioners -- including Amy --from around the world. It is called 'Homeopathy-and-SN' . It is a Yahoo Group found at Please consider joining this list. Thank you.

Posted: 2012-07-29
Contributed by: Cathy Lemmon from Dallas, TX
Primary complaint: Severe Burn on Foot

Our son, Joshua, is 16 years old, 6-foot-1, with a size 13 foot. He adores pasta and made some for family dinner. When he was going to pour out the boiling water, it slipped and spilled all over his left foot. It was probably my mother's instinct that told me his simple words of, "Ow! Hot- hot- hot!" meant a lot more than just that. I ran to where he was pulling off his sock, trying to figure out what to do. Having burned my hand pretty badly not a year earlier, I knew the homeopathic approach of getting his foot into warm water would probably be best for him. I had him sit down on the couch as I put some warm water in a bowl. By that time, I could tell the pain was beginning to settle in. I had seen that the skin was already peeling off the top of his foot, where the leg bone meets it. I had also seen some very large blisters already emerging. I brought the bowl to him. But shock was settling in on him, and he refused to put his foot into it, screaming it was too hot, though he had put his hand and other foot in it and it wasn't. For his foot-- and for his state of mind-- it was. So I finally decided, as I was trying to calm my own panic, to cease arguing with him. I cleaned his foot the best I possibly could, then pulled out the silvadene I still had and carefully put this on his foot, wrapping it loosely with gauze.

I knew what was most important was to keep it clean. I used my own first aid knowledge. I also consulted my brother, who had been severely burned over his entire body in an accident several years before. He told me that I absolutely needed to pop the blisters. I popped the biggest ones, leaving the skin on. This definitely made the injury much easier to treat. (An osteopath subsequently confirmed that this is the best thing to do for burn blisters.) He also told me Joshua would need some debridement.

Our homeopath, while she lives in a city some distance from us and our appointments with her are via skype and phone calls, has always been very attentive to our needs, and we have enjoyed working with her. I e-mailed her as soon as I could regarding Joshua. She reminded me of the homeopathic remedies good for burns, Urtica Urens and Cantharis. I had both of these in 30C. So I first used the Urtica, and quickly ran out of what I had. I emailed her a picture taken not 24 hours after the injury (see photo1), and we had an emergency appointment with her very soon thereafter. She overnighted Joshua a very high potency dose of Cantharis, which I gave to him as soon as it arrived.

In just more than a day after he took the remedy, the bloody oozing that was happening from the uppermost burn had ceased, and new skin was forming under the entire burn area. I continued having Joshua soak his foot twice a day, putting an herbal salve or silvadene on it and wrapping it in clean gauze every time.

It was about a week later that I was able to get him in to see a wound specialist for some debridement, just three days after Joshua took the high potency remedy our homeopath sent. The skin was already dramatically improving (see photo2). I was unsure about how the skin looked, though red and rather shiny. Is this normal? Is it going to need to be removed during this debridement? I was cautiously optimistic about it. The attendants there looked at his foot and told me what we were seeing is epithelial, or baby skin-- and it's exactly what we should be seeing. The doctor came in and did some debriding of his foot. He said, for what it is, it's looking quite good, and that I'd need to bring Joshua back in once or twice more and that would be all. As soon as the doctor left, the attendant smiled and told me she would be surprised if I had to bring him back at all.

Throughout all this, to his great credit, once Joshua had gotten over his initial shock, he remained remarkably optimistic and positive throughout this whole endeavor. I know this helped him - and it provided me a lot of strength as well.

I continued keeping it clean, replacing the bandaging twice a day and applying the silvadene. (I didn't have to have him soak it any more, after the debridement.) It was only a few days later that I noted how beautifully his foot was healing and was beginning to wonder if I even needed to continue doing this.

Exactly a week after his first appointment with the debridement doctor, I unwrapped his foot, telling Joshua we'd leave the bandages off for a while. I looked at how good his foot looked and how much he was doing with it(see photo3) So I called the wound center to ask if I truly needed to bring him back in. I told the nurse what was going on and then I could hear the smile on her face as she told me that if his foot looked as good as it did -- the coloring coming back and nothing still open and oozing -- not only did I not need to bring him back, but I didn't even need to bandage it up any more at all. To say I was relieved to hear this is very much an understatement.

Three weeks to the day that this injury occurred, if you were to look at his foot, you would have no idea how bad it looked (see photo4). He can move it fully, walk on it, and even wear a shoe without any problems at all. I thank everyone who helped, noting especially his homeopath and homeopathy, Joshua's positive outlook, and Divine Intervention in the complete healing of his foot. I literally thank God for homeopathy!

Posted: 2012-07-26
Contributed by: Susan Walterich from Buffalo, NY (
Primary complaint: Autism and ADD

My son was diagnosed with autism at 2 ½. He had no spontaneous language, little eye contact and it was very difficult to get his attention. After diet and vitamins, we saw some improvement, and I started doing some research to see what else we could do. Part of this research was seeing an alternative doctor and attending conferences where many doctors spoke. But it was very expensive and seemed very overwhelming with so many things that needed to be done.

When I read Impossible Cure it really resonated with me. It seemed to be a simpler, gentler, and surprising, less expensive approach We started with a homeopath when my son was three and saw immediate improvements. Every week we were amazed at the progress he was making. And the improvements continued. But though my son was light years from where he was when he was diagnosed, he was still clearly on the spectrum.

Then came something worse--the worst word that can be associated with autism and that is regression of his autism. Around age 6, my son starting experiencing tics., and with the tics came many of the other symptoms of PANDAS, most horribly regression. We continued to work with our homeopath, and my son would improve for a while, only to see the tics return again and again. We continued on this cycle for about two years when we decided to work with another homeopath, someone who had more experience with PANDAS.

In a year's time, my son has not only moved past the tics and regression, but has improved dramatically. In terms of his social skills, I see little evidence of autism anymore. He recently performed in his school talent show, and starred in a play at theater camp. I am so happy that we decided to use homeopathy with my son, and I am grateful to both homeopaths that we worked with, as well as to Amy for bringing homeopathy to our attention with her book.

Posted: 2012-06-15
Contributed by: Yolanda Baker from Austin (
Primary complaint: Autism

Last year I decided to look into other treatments for my 5 year old autistic son. He had been diagnosed at 18 months and had made great progress. However, I wanted something beyond supplementation and therapy. I found Amy's book and found it fascinating. I found a classical homeopath in Austin who read Amy's book and started treatment in June 2011. When I gave him his remedy for the first time, I found him awake the next morning at 3am, something he always did, but always between 4 to 5am. Every time the dosage was increased or changed, he would be awake the next morning at 3am. Coincidence? After just a few weeks, his 4am wake up ritual of clapping, humming, and singing stopped. He rarely wakes up that early anymore. He is now more aware of his surroundings, and will usually follow simple commands. I believe the combination of his ABA therapy, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the homeopathic remedy has helped him tremendously. Thank you, Amy!

Posted: 2011-09-17
Contributed by: Ana Campos from Los Angeles (
Primary complaint: Warts

Warts healed with Homeopathic Arnica Ointment

My 8 years old son was diagnosed with Warts a non cancerous skin growths caused by a viral infection in the top layers of skin. The virus that causes warts is called The Human Papilloma Virus. Marcelo takes swimming lessons years round and probably he got the virus in the showers at the gym. He showed me 3 areas located on the soles of his feet. He told me it was very painful. It seemed to me like very strange callous. His pediatrician gave the diagnostic of warts and a referal for the dermatology. I was very concerned for this new infection. As a baby he had an inmune system disorder and most of the time he was sick for the firt 2 and a half years of his life.

On Thursday June 15-2011 I took him to the dermatology to one of the most prestigious hospitals in town Cedar Sinai. The doctor told me cure warts was a very long process that will take many visits to her office. Also, she said my son\'s warts were very chalenging for the location between the nail and the toe. She applied acid to the affected area. She told me the acid will make a blister.

On Friday June 16-2011 I received a call from school, my son was in so much pain he was not able to walk. The acid had burned the skin so much, made a tremendous blister, and created so much pain. I regreted my decision of taking my son to the dermatology. I wished so much if I could turn back time. I picked my son from school and he could not walk any more. I had to hold on to him. I was hoping tomorrow he is going to feel better. Saturday and Sunday went by with no improvement.

On Monday June 20-2011 I went to Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy. I bought Arnica Ointment. I started applying arnica to the blisters and covering them with bandages once in the morning and once at bed time. I contined with the treatment for the next couple of weeks. Every day there was improvement and Marcelo was walking and running again.

On Wednesday July 20-2011. Marcelo had appointment with another dermatology. The blisters and the warts were completed healed. I did not take my son to his appointment. I am scared of the dermatology\'s treatments.

Update on Marcelo\'s Life. Marcelo has turned 8 years old. He is in 3rd grade at Hoover School. He is in general education. He participated for the first time in \"California Standar Test\" We just got the results. He scored proficient in Math. In English Language Arts he missed the proficient score by only 2 points. He got 348 points and he needed 350. While he was on 2nd grade, he participated in a Spelling Bee Contest, he was considered in the 3 top students of his classroom. The most wonderful news that a mother of an autistic boy can received, yet it happened to me. Los Angeles Scool District removed the diagnostic of autistic from my son file. Now the diagnostic is Asperger. This is a miracle if you consider that the professionals said autism has no cure. Besides his academic success. He is a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, he is in a basketball team, and has played with the team 6 seasons, he is in a Soccer team and just started his 3rd season, he takes Tap Dance classes and Swimming Lessons year round. In Disneyland has participated 10 times in the 30 minutes show \"Jedi Training Academy\"

I am very proud of you my boy and the hills you have conquered.

With so much love,


Posted: 2011-03-15
Contributed by: Natalie from Waynesville
Primary complaint: Mild to Moderate Autism

Our son, T, was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism at age 3. However I noticed he was different from day one - and markedly different with regression post MMR Vaccine. When he was diagnosed the recommendation was intense ABA, and public school programs. I found the first to be largely punitive and severely lacking in treating the root issues and the latter wholly unacceptable. Our first success came when I ignored the pediatrician and took T off of cows milk for two weeks. He improved! The rash left his face and he was decidedly less sensitive. But I gave him the milk back to see and sure enough he reversed in a day! Keeping T off of milk and Ice cream has done wonders - he began coping with his environment better, the meltdowns disappeared and language began to develop. He is fine with cheese. Like others- though- excepting milk alone didn\'t cure him, but we had our first leap! Combined with learning methods he could do on his own and at his interest, he began to thrive. Over the next years we had some topsy turvy periods of time- particularly with travel and his bowels were still \"leaky\". Then I discovered naturopathy and homeopathy. I\'ve added a daily, organic, hypo allergenic probiotics, immunity boosting vitamin and in evening digestive enzyme supplement. These steps have greatly improved T\'s health- his bowels are normalized and he resists viral illnesses better than his typical siblings. I can always tell when T is sick - not by normal immune response because he doesn\'t tend to have them which I believe is a sign of immune impairment- but becuase his functioning drastically decreases and he becomes volatile. While those steps have aided T\'s medical needs, he remains anxious, restless, nervous- particularly with changes I\'m environment, and was avoidant and disturbed by new people. I began using Hyland\'s Homeopathic remedies which are designed for infants and children. I started with their Teething tabs and Colic tabs, eventually finding Calms Forte. While these products are not intended as autism helps- the symptoms sited in the package labeling matched with T\'s troubles. These homeopathic tablets have been a miracle! I can tell if he misses them one day... Over the summer while traveling T deteriorated socially and became violent to the point that I began researching what pharmaceuticals are used ... I was horrified -and defeated! I could not put my child on psychotropic medications ... I could not let him continue to suffer. I recognized that T\'s outbursts were a result of being in pain and not being able to control/calm himself. He would get to a point where even I could not calm him. I also think that at age five he was experiencing his \"terrible two\'s\". He\'d gained enough awareness and skills to interact with us now... And maybe just enough to frustrate him to no end when he couldnt get his needs across or could not accomplish something independently. I discovered Hylands and gave them a try. Each of the ones I mentioned contains a remedy for each of his trouble. Teething tabs address inflammation, colic tabs address tummy aches, calms forte address anxiety, nerves, restlessness. I had the relief of knowing these tabs could not possible harm T! I had nothing to loose... While Calms Forte is meant as an aid to help a child fall asleep- by giving them to T twice a day he is able to function on an even plane! Able to communicate his needs and say when something or someone bothers him - which is huge! He has even begun greeting and initiating conversation with new people! T continues to thrive in his home freestyle Montessori inspired learning --- currently using the resources I provide to teach himself to read. He is five and a half years old. I see further healing in his future. I\'ve ordered your book today.

Posted: 2011-01-04
Contributed by: DC Hardy from New Orleans
Primary complaint: Autism

Eighteen months ago, my 8 year old was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. He could not hold eye contact, he banged his head, had multiple meltdowns daily, and could not hold reciprocal conversation. Shortly after his diagnosis, we started him on the Gluten-free, casein-free diet, which gave him many gains in cognitive thinking, motor skills and an alleviation of physical symptoms. About nine months later, we also started homeopathy.

He did not respond to his first remedy, but when the second was tried- the results were nothing short of amazing. Although he had already progressed very well on the GFCF diet, the homeopathy, somehow, jump-started him into a whole new level of healing.

He began regaining his skills one by one, as if someone had turned on a switch. He got another dose of the second remedy in October and this time, the remedy pushed him into a whole new level of recovery. His “allergy shiners”, which had still persisted, disappeared. The bumps on his skin vanished. He had more energy, he began displaying empathy, he was out-going with other children, he was sociable, friendly, he understood complex jokes, he had the hand-eye coordination of a typical 8 year old. In nearly all ways, it was impossible to tell he had autism. He remains that way to this day.

When he was diagnosed, his ATEC (Autism Evaluation)score was 57-58, indicating high-functioning autism. Last November, his score was 3 (non-autistic, non-ADHD, i.e. normal). I am convinced that homeopathy was the key to boosting his body's ability to recover, and stabilize without constant regression.

So to everyone who is still struggling to heal their children on the ASD spectrum, PLEASE do not give up.


Posted: 2011-01-04
Contributed by: Beth from Dallas
Primary complaint: autism/PDD

My son checked out when he was about 2 years old. Before we lost him, he had a history of severe reflux, intractable contipation, and a rare bone condition called Ollier's Disease. We drug him from doctor thinking that someone would surely figure out what wrong with him or at least try to help. When the traditonal doctors would not listen, we went the DAN route who, with the best of intentions, loaded our guy with all sorts of supplements that only made him worse. By the time he was 4 years old, he was totally out of control and spent most of time walking in circles making the letter K sound over and over. We were also told that his left leg had stopped growing due to his bone condtion and that we would have to put him through a bone lengthening procedure at some point. When we were at rock bottom, I ran into a neighbor that mentioned one of the top homeopaths in the county happened to live in Dallas and that we should give him a call. Although it took six months to get into see him, it was well worth the wait! There was no overnight cure, but a methodical working through his issues. After one year of homeoptahy, he is no longer constipated, his legs are the same length again, he is very verbal, looks at you in the eye, plays with his sisters, laughs and is no longer considered ASD, but just developmentally delayed. Although homeopathy played a HUGE role in my son's recovery, diet was important, too. Not only was he GFCF, but he was also soy, phenol and lutein free. Hopefully, continued homeopathy will bring him a broader menu!!

Posted: 2010-12-03
Contributed by: Emma Charbonneau from Port Moody, BC, Canada
Primary complaint: Autism

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010, I found myself viewing videos posted on of autistic children that mirrored our 5 year old little girl, Olive. I was in tears to think of the possible cures found by homeopathic remedies that were helping thousands of children diagnosed with Autism. I immediately called Sonya Mcleod, BA, DCH (Dr Sonya is how she is addressed in our home) and asked if she would visit with my little girl. The family drove in to Vancouver from Port Moody (even with skeptical Dad) and sat with Sonya for 2 hours, she took notes, asked numerous questions and basically studied Olive during our visit. Within 2 weeks Olive was on her first dose of Remedy and within 3 days I saw remarkable effects.

Olive is a happy, well-behaved, fun-loving little girl but it was her awareness -- her inability to read facial expressions, communicate verbally, understand reasoning that came easy to her 2 year old little sister, that hindered her. She would have tantrums of frustration when she wasn't able to get her point across or ask for what she needed. She couldn't participate without the support of an aide in Preschool, sitting in circle-time was far too overwhelming for her, trying to communicate the need to use the bathroom without words was devastating. I would keep sending her to school wondering if she would ever know why I would keep taking her there.

Olive is now in a regular Kindergarten program and loves to go to school, she beams from ear to ear when I talk about school and the friends she sees everyday. Her language is maturing, like a 15 month old learning all her new words. She has mastered the potty at home and at school. Sits during story time, music and library (activities at school). Makes eye contact with all her peers at school and consistently asks different children to participate in an activity with her. Plays pretend play, engages in activities her sister initiates, sings along with familiar songs, hugs friends and family hello when they visit and the most recent accomplishment is mastering the PEC system of communication (something we have been trying since she was 30 months old!!!)

Olive is not cured but the differences that Sonya Mcleod's homeopathic remedies have created in Olive's life are worth more than words can describe. We look forward to new changes in Olive everyday and seeing her potential in the future.

THANK YOU Dr Sonya!!!!

Emma Charbonneau (Olive's Mum) Port Moody, BC

Posted: 2010-01-30
Contributed by: Ambika Wauters from Tucson, AZ (
Primary complaint: Autism

Case of a four year old girl with autism Ambika Wauters, USA

B came to me through Head Start, a pre-school program run by the government for children of poverty level families in March, 2009. Her parents were in their early 30s, immigrants from Mexico; dad works sporadically at farm labor and building green houses. Both parents had been immunized to meet US immigration standards and the father had a history of cannabis and cocaine use in his youth. B was the second of two girls. E, age 6, her older sister , was very quiet, shy and sweet. B was wild , savage and very loud , as well as destructive. Anything in her wake was pulled, yanked, tortured and abused. I met with her in special offices with little furniture and room to run around in. She was loud, raucous, and always moving, banging into things and people in the room. She could not sit still or be quiet. She could not concentrate on any single activity. Her mother said she was constipated , not moving her bowels for days. She describes temper tantrums that lasted for an hour at a time and recurred four to five times daily. Clearly , the child was in great distress. Her history as a baby show that she was vaccinated with Hep. B vaccine in the hospital as well as being given a flu shot. Her mother reported her hands would shake when she was breast feeding her. When she reported this to the doctor she was told this was normal. B did not crawl as an infant. At 18 months the doctor noticed hearing delay and PE tubes were placed bilaterally. At that point she stopped making eye contact with her family and stopped talking and started using high pitched chatter and would become very wound up. She began having food sensitivities at this time, grinding her teeth and her mother attributed this to the numerous antibiotics she was given for her ear infections. Her parents were uneducated Mexican peasants who had a very deep love for their children and would do anything to help. They had , at that point, tried everything for their daughter that they knew. B was diagnosed by a medical doctor and given benefits for Head Start one day a week and an ABA school to help with her cognitive skills. Her parents began seeking out alternative therapies at this time. She was given chelation, put on a casin free/gluten free diet, given supplements, and cranial sacral therapy . HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT: The first remedies B received were Nux Vomica 6c, three times daily in water and Gaertner30c, the bowel nosode, given in a single dose. This began a gentle detoxification and stimulated her bowels to move. We ordered Carcinocin LM1 and while it was en route from the UK, her case worker rang to say that B was "back". She had begun to speak a few words. Her mother reported her bowels became more regular and she had less tantrums. Despite that, she didn't think the treatment was working and had to be reminded that these were big shifts for her child. Three weeks after the Nux Vomica6c we put her on Carcinocin LM1 for two months. She began talking, calming down, responding to instructions and went from savage to a reasonably quiet but disoriented kid who was beginning to wake up to her world. She entered nursery school at this time with two aids. The father, by the way, took Coca 200c and reported that he felt better. Two months after the Carcinocin ML1 she began to walk on her toes, complaining of pain in her ears. Her constipation returned and her sleep patterns were again disruptive. She was also talking more and understanding more, she was engaging with other children at school but had great difficulty concentrating on any one task or experience. Mother wanted something to help her child sleep. I suggested castor oil liver packs to soothe her nervous system and mother said it worked well for her. At this point we stopped the Carcinocin LM1 and began the Tinus Smits vaccination detox process. ( Please see his book on CEASE therapy for autism). The first vaccine detox was DPT in subsequent potencies of 30c, 200c, MK and XMK. She had a major response to this with a high fever and earaches. She complained her bottom itches and she developed white spots on her dark , cafe au lait skin. At this point she was able to be in a nursery class without the assistance of aids. She was talking spontaneously but was still very hyperactive. In August she entered the Heart of Peace program on a full scholarship from a donor and had extensive neurological reflex integration work which included the Masgutova method from Russia, Rhythmic Movement Training from Sweden, Cranial Sacral therapy and movement training with a balance board and Bal-a-vis-x. She ate a sugar free, dairy free, grain free diet and her mother learned how to apply many of the therapies in the program to her daily life. She did very well in the program( see The Heart of Peace Institute summer program at ) The next remedy was prescribed in September, 09, six months after the initial treatment. It was Opium 200c , a single dose. It was given because B had started crying with fear and was constipated again after the program. The Opium worked well for her and her mother reported that she entered kindergarten without an aid and was learning at a very accelerated pace after this remedy. When I saw her at that time she was still doing some echolalia. Her favorite words were " tikatikatika" and we dubbed her Princess Tikatika. She had become a favorite amongst the staff and everyone adored her. She did not let anyone near to her and you could not hold her or engage with her for too long. Her mother received state aid and they decided to bring in an ABA teacher to help improve her vocabulary and cognitive skills. It is a rote way of learning but, in truth, she needed to catch up with her age group and it helped her a lot. She was still robotic in her movements and hyperactive at times but a more responsive person all together. In November , 09, she was given a single dose of Tuberculinium Avium 200c. TB is rife in Mexico and they say all immigrants carry it with them when they flee Mexico and legally or illegally enter the States. Her mother was very tubercular and this seemed to be the next good remedy. She grew several inches on the remedy , lost baby teeth and became more aware of her surroundings when she was observed. In December I met Harry van der Zee, a medical doctor /homeopath from Holland . He encouraged me to consider the Peter Chappel Resonance remedies for autism. I felt this was a good time to introduce them to B. I saw her in January after she had been on the remedy for one month. Her mother reported that she was talking a lot, and emphasized " A LOT!". She was asking questions, asking for help, responding to conversation, engaging with people in a natural and authentic way. She was affectionate, and , for the first time in one year, came and sat on my lap, played with me, looked at me directly, asked me questions in English and in Spanish, gave me a hug and kiss and was quite receptive and very tender. Her mother and I both filled up with emotion when we saw this. Her mother also reported that her constipation had really cleared up on this remedy. She could not thank me enough times. We still have two more months to go on this remedy. I can't wait to see what develops. This is a truly transformed , loving and graceful little girl who has her life in front of her. The Peter Chappell remedies just capped off treatment in a wonderful and wholesome way. Thank you , Peter.

Posted: 2009-09-07
Contributed by: James K. Feldman, Atty. from Akron, Ohio (
Primary complaint: Asperger and Tourette Syndromes

I was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1938 with Tourette and Asperger syndromes. A local pediatrician identified the Tourette in the early 1940,s and I was administered peppermint schnapps for sedation. By the 1950's two pediatricians who were fluent in the German language and who had read about the discoveries of Dr. Hans Asperger in Vienna, Austria told my family that I had that also, but that there was no treatment for it at that time. By the 1960's the benzodiazipine drugs were coming out and I was prescribed those. I spent many years in various hospitals, half-way houses, group homes, etc., and remained basically non-functional until the late 1990's. I managed to get through elementary and high schools and college with extensive tutoring and mentoring, but had trouble getting through law school, dropping out at least 9 times in 14 years. In between, there were unsuccesful attempts at medical and rabbinical schools. I worked in the law office of my parents until they passed away, and then I retired. In 1997 I was started on homeopathy, and the Asperger and Tourette syndromes began to clear up with a matter of a few weeks. I have been able to return to the practice of law and manage family-owned real estate now on my own. It had been necessary for me to get into Alcoholics Anonymous back in the early 1980's to get off the addictions to alcohol and pills incurred earlier. I found a homeopath after our AA historian infomed me that Dr. Charles Dickson,a homeopath worked with Dr. Bob Smith, AA founder,on mental cases. [For a more detailed description of this cure story, go to]

Posted: 2009-06-11
Contributed by: Rob Dally from Carmel IN
Primary complaint: PDD-NOS

Our daughter Jessica started out life as a normal child. After receiving the MMR vaccine at 18 months old she 'fell off a cliff'. She lost all her words (>100) and developed many odd behaviors not seen in her older sister such as bending over with her head on the floor to watch TV and flapping her hands. The doctors insisted the vaccine was not to blame even though she developed a fever and rash on her face after the shot. We were desperate watching our beautiful daughter lose all interactions with the outside world. We tried about every therapy available in our area but saw no improvement. A family friend told us to try homeopathy and referred us to Steve and Aviva Waldstein's Classical Homeopathy Inc. in the Denver area. We took our family to their practice to see if they could help our little girl. I was hoping for just a little improvement and what I got far exceeded my wildest expectations! Shortly after starting the homeopathy therapy we saw slow but steady improvement in her condition. First the 'head stand' TV watching, then the flapping stopped and slowly her speech returned. In the last two years of therapy her reintroduction to social behavior and speech has snowballed into an unstoppable force. She wants to spend all her time playing with kids, not just next to them. Our little princess has been receiving homeopathy therapy for 4 years now and just finished full day kindergarten at the public school and will be going to first grade in the fall! I firmly believe her recovery would not have been possible without the help of Steve and Aviva Waldstein Classical Homeopathy. I urge any parent or guardian of an austic child to contact them at Steve Waldstein RSHom(NA) CCH PCH Classical Homeopathy, Inc. 2600 S Parker Road #1-313 Aurora, CO 80014 303-338-1776

They saved our child and may be able to help yours. Sincerely, Rob Dally

Posted: 2009-05-17
Contributed by: anonymous from Columbus
Primary complaint: genetic abnormality

My story begins pretty much as most with desperation. A child came into my care that due to neglect was non-verbal,full of mucus, no personality and being non-mobile made it quite difficult to know what to do. Seeking alternative ways to help I was strolling thru the ilse of a health food store and struck up a conversation that would literally change my life. The book "The Impossible Cure" was recommended to me, and due to my thought that this child may have autism I read it with keen interest. As I flipped thru the pages I knew that this was the only hope. All of the Dr's tests came back saying that their was nothing that they could do.

I then searched the internet and found the site "Homeopathy for Special needs children" and started listening to everything that I could and watching all of the video's and reading all of the articles available. I really enjoyed listening to Amy Lansky's radio show's and found them very helpful. I started reading Homeopathy Today and started using homeopathy on myself and my family members and friends with incredible sucess. We also had quite a few cats, goats and yes recently even a horse that was helped by homeopathy. I took a couple of online classes and then felt confident to try a remedy on this child to the absolute amazement of all.

This child now has the hope of being independently mobil and has become self aware in the last year of being treated with homeopathy. Homeopathy helped with all acute issues as well. As I listen to the melodious laughter coming out of their room tears well up in my eyes for I know that due to their genetic abnormality they could never have gotten to this point with out homeopathy. All the people in this childs life are thrilled beyond belief for they never imagined that after having such a horrible begining in life that this child could awaken with such hope ahead.

At our last Dr's appointment the Dr was totally amazed and commented that this was not the same child of a year ago. The Dr was right.

I wanted a safe and effective way to treat all members of my family. I have found homeopathy to be safe and effective. The results speak for themselves.

I remember when this child came into my home I made them a promise to help them find the twinkle that belongs in all childrens eyes, and guess what we found twinkle and twinkle is shining brightly.

Posted: 2009-02-02
Contributed by: Anonymous from Raleigh, NC
Primary complaint: PDD-NOS

Dear Amy,

Thanks so much for writing your book! If I hadn't read your book we would have never known about homeopathy. Max's story gave me the knowledge and motivation to search out homeopathic care for our son who was diagnosed with PDD-NOS when he was 3 years old.

After lots of searching online and speaking with many different homeopaths we found Julie Insley of Homeopathic Consultants in Durham, NC and she has been such a blessing to our whole family. She has helped us to recover our son who is now 7 years old and thriving in a typical 2nd grade classroom. He has lots of friends in and out of school and has been weaned off of most of the supplements that he was taking when we first started seeing Julie over 2 years ago.

When i saw the success that our son was having with homeopathy i decided to give it a try for my medical problem. I was originally on several prescription drugs and just felt horrible. I am now off of all the drugs with very few symptoms of my disease and i feel so much better now.

For anyone that is considering homeopathy i would encourage you to do it and you will be amazed at how much better you can feel!!

If you're in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area and want to contact Julie Insley her number is 919-479-1514.

Posted: 2008-11-19
Contributed by: lizzie m. from austin
Primary complaint: down syndrome

my daughter is a five year old with down syndrome (trisomy 21). before homeopathic treatment (a little over a year ago) she was mostly non-verbal, she had many sensory issues (would not let us brush her teeth or hair, fear of loud noises/crowded places), and behavioral issues such as hitting/pushing. she also had issues with temperature regulation. she would overheat quickly and didn't sweat. she also put lots of things in her mouth.

we saw an n.d. who prescribed a constitutional remedy and we saw some change - especially with the sensory issues. we were able to brush her teeth and hair. but most of the other issues continued. we switched to a more experienced practitioner (a classically trained homeopath) at the beginning of this year and WOW! she started to talk! one day, shortly after the remedy was started, she was just babbling away about something. my husband and i looked at each other - we couldn't believe it. we could finally see what was going on inside her mind. a window into who she was that we had never seen. what we saw: an interest in all things related to snow white, the songs from the 'annie' soundtrack, castles and princesses and wolves.

now, almost a year after the first dose, another amazing thing has started to happen. she has friends at school. her own friends. she is mainstreamed at a montessori pre-school, which she attends with her younger sister. she can initiate games with friends and join in, too. she can complete montessori work cycles. she can work independently or with peers. last year at the same school she had lots of aggressive behavior, mostly b/c she wanted to connect with other children but could not figure out how to do it. at parks, i had to watch her vigilantly b/c she would push or hit another child within five minutes of being there. that behavior has almost totally disappeared.

her behavioral challenges greatly improved. because she is verbal now, she can 'give messages' to peers when she is upset and the hitting/pushing has decreased.

she is able to be in large, crowded environments like festivals/concerts. although she still needs more down time than my other two children. for example, after school she comes home and plays alone for an hour or so to decompress.

she brushes her own teeth and hair.

she is generally healthy with no major food allergies or aversions. we combine supplements, good nutrition and cranio sacral work in her protocol.

there is still progress to be made - like power struggles. but the improvements in these few short months have been miraculous.

Posted: 2008-11-19
Contributed by: Gina Tyler DHOM from Los Angeles (
Primary complaint: Seizures

A Case of Vaccine Damage -- Gina Tyler DHOM Feb 18th 1999 : A baby male named Steve vaccinated at three months old with the standard childhood vaccines all kids get in the USA (Polio/Meningitis/Hep/Dtap (another form of DPT). Symptoms: First few days he was extremely irritable, crying non-stop, projectile vomiting, refuses breast milk, cannot sleep and up all night. Whining round the clock.

Feb 24th 1999 - Convulsions- right side, started in the a.m. Eye area and eyebrow twitching like a tick; right arm, elbow pulling simultaneously with the face twitching, right hand fist contractions also same timing as face ticks, non- stop all day. He was taken to Tarzana Emergency Hospital (US) that same afternoon. Urine test /blood test and a then a CAT Scan of his brain. The latter revealed blood on the left side in his brain, 3 centimeters, the size of a golf ball. Tarzana Regional Medical Center Diagnosis: Seizure disorder and intra-cranial hemorrhage. He had to be transported to a special pediatric intensive care ward across town: Hollywood Children's Hospital. Feb 25th 1999 : The baby had more tests done, including MRI, which showed the detail of the blood mass in his brain. Still having seizures. Brain surgery was strongly recommended by doctors at both hospitals. Feb 25th 1999 3pm : I had the permission of both parents to use homeopathy on their baby prior to surgery. Homeopathic remedy used: Silica 200C, 1 dose orally slipped under his tongue. Repertory Analysis:

projectile vomiting worse after breast feeding- sil refuses mother's milk- sil convulsions due to vaccines- sil

Not much to go on as the baby was so young. Symptoms were strong and very acute. Onset was obviously related to vaccination, as the baby was not having these symptoms prior to his shots. Also, many of the symptoms are classic reactions to vaccination. Never been well since, fits in this case. More observations about this baby which were used to select the indicated remedy: Feet and hands freezing cold, very irritable, nothing made the symptoms any better, head sweating, extreme dislike of mother's milk, but can tolerate bottle milk, a bizarre blank stare on his face, vomiting, arching his back, kicking. As if he were two different persons switching on and off constantly (sycotic miasm), sleepless, crying round the clock. The baby developed a fever of 102 F after the vaccination.

Immediately after the homeopathic remedy was administered this baby fell into a very deep sleep. Slept for 20 minutes without seizures. Prior to remedy mostly no sleep and when he did take a short catnap, he had seizures. After the baby woke up, it had no more seizures! They had stopped 100% and his body was calm and relaxed. No more of the intense arching from before. No more twitching, no more arm jerking. Passed green fecal matter.

Feb 26th 1999 (the next day) The baby was showing signs of coming back to life. Breast feeding again with no problems; no vomiting; hungry, appetite is back; smiling, reacting, happy expression, no more blank stare. No more irritability, crankiness. A happy baby like he was before his vaccines.

More tests and CAT scan were done, confirming all was well with this baby. He's 100% cured. March 9th 1999 : Excellent recovery, his normal personality back, sleeping very well, calm, appears happy. No more seizures . Thank goodness no surgery was done, since none was needed. Homeopathy proves once again its ability to cure.

2008 : Still no seizures. The little boy has been on homeopathy for all his other acutes: colds, flu,sore throat etc. "Constitutional" prescribing finalized his progress.

A note: If you look at the classic adverse reactions to vaccines, the etiology of this case is clear : To list just a few: vomiting, non-stop screaming/crying, seizure disorder, convulsions, epilepsy, spasms, inflammation of the brain-encephalomyelitis, etc. Yet If you ask conventional pediatricians if baby Steve developed all his symptoms from the shots, they would deny the connection. It's important for parents to report these adverse effects to: VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), as only 10% get reported (mostly by parents- MD's often do not report these symptoms as adverse effects). VAERS : More useful information may be had at : National Vaccine Information Center This is a consumer organization with numerous articles addressing scientific, legal and other aspects of vaccination. ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute Both anecdotal and scientific information about vaccination. These sites have many personal stories by parents of children suffering from vaccine damage. Reporting to these organizations doesn?t have legal status, but it does form a "collective data" anyone may access. Monetary compensation is available for vaccine injury. To learn more visit : National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program : The sooner one removes the damage caused by vaccines, the better for the child. In my experience, the longer these toxins stay in the system, the more long term damage is done. Homeopathy is the only medicine powerful enough to effect these cures. --------------------------------------------- Visit Gina Tyler at her website :

Gina Tyler DHOM


Posted: 2008-11-13
Contributed by: Ana Campos from Los Angeles (
Primary complaint: Autism

The Miracle Continues Every Day!

My mircle Autistic Boy Marcelo is now in kindergarten. He was transfered after 2 years in a 2 hours languages only school to a full day kindergarten class in an elementary school. Due to his rigidity the change was very difficult for him. The Month of July 2008 was the first month at his new school and it was so difficult that within a week I requested an emergency IEP meeting to consider a behaviour therapist for him. Eventhoug the school did not approved my request, the storm come to and end. A month later I received such a beautiful surprise. The last wednesday of August Marcelo brought an invitation on his back pack. The invitation reads " Dear Parent your son Marcelo Campos has been chosen Student of the Month of August 2008. The award ceremony will be next Friday at school campus. After the ceremony the School Principal will have lunch with your son" Tears filled my eyes as I read such a beautiful invitation.

The next day, I run to Best Buy to get a new video digital camera to record such a memorable moment in my son's life. Friday I was so nervous about the award. I felt like Julia Roberts the night that she won the "Oscar"

I remember 2 years and 3 months ago when my son was diagnosis with autism, all my dreams of sending him to Medecine School to become a Pediatrician vanished in a second. While I was driving, every time that I saw the car ahead of my with the stiker on the bumper "my son is student of the month at school" I cried over and over thinking what about my son's future. If at age 3 years 10 months he was non verbal and with a lot of others delays, what the future might bringh for him. I never dreamed of having that stiker on my car.

Marcelo has been with homeopathy remedy for 1 year 9 months now. He is bilingual now. He has made a tremendous progress. I am so proud of him being student of the Month of August 2008 that I want to share his accomplisment. Also, I want to say that 2 years ago my boy seemed so far away from the typical children that I wondered if he ever would reach them. Now, Marcelo is just a step away from them. Keep going Marcelo you almost reach them.

In many ways Marcelo is a typical child now. I thank God for been with me all the way in this incredible journey of love, hope, and faith in the autistic word. I also thank Amy Lansky for introduced me to the homeopathy alternative treatment.

Ana Campos

Posted: 2008-11-07
Contributed by: Dr Prabhakar from Torvi (
Primary complaint: Insanity

Here I would like to Show gratitude to the Great Master DR Shankaran of India, with his Technique I Was able to give relief to patient suffering from insanity, Before attending to Dr Sankaran's lecture, We (I and My Wife who is PG in Homoeopathy) tried to cure case with mechanical repetorisation which has yielded nothing we could not give any relief. My patient Age 23 years very suspicious about family person, She thinks that they are going to kill her, She has done unpardonable crime to they are going to kill, She imagines their family persons are going to kill by putting kerosene and put fire, Want to go away and be alone so that no one kills her. When she approaches doctor She start literally shivering (Rattling) thinking that Doctor id going to kill her by giving injections. As i said before attending to Dr Shankaran's Lecture, All possible(By two of us) Homoeopathy, Bach remedy etc did not help her. Since her theme way survival has to be from animal family I just Put Fear of being killed in Computer programme then used the filter animal kingdom, I got Crotalus Horridus, which had same sensation that she is going to be killed and surrounded by enemy.

Then on coming back to patient I found many other characters which are matching her. Staring Eyes, Rattling body, her situation is as if she is surrounded by Human beings who are trying to kill the snake. She wants to escape,

Now second interesting point is that I used simulated Remedies Malcolm Rae type So I used Crotal H 10 M potency which gave excellent result within a week

All symptoms getting sign of relief Thanks to Dr Shankaran & Simulated Remedy

Posted: 2008-09-03
Contributed by: Tom from Chico, Ca. (
Primary complaint: Lyme Disease

I had suffered from Lyme Disease for over 20 years. Years of antibiotics, Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, and every supplement thought to be of help were tried. I'd get better, then relapse upon stopping the treatments.

While researching online, I ran across a vets comments from Conn. He had success with a Homeopathic Remedy he produces himself. The Ledum 1M is effective to the point where he says if there is one specific remedy for Lyme, this is the one. Some of his customers, upon seeing their horses and dogs get better, tried the remedy themselves. They also got better, he says.

I placed an order for my "horse". Taking these pellets as instructed for three days my health improved to the point of my thinking I was cured. Seems Lyme is a tough one because some months later some symtoms began to reappear.

I have since learned to do acupressure while receiving allergy treatments from a N.A.E.T. Practitioner. I now do the treatments on myself and combine it with the healing power of intention.

I simply write the Homeopathic Remedy on a small white piece of paper, place the paper in my sock and give myself the N.A.E.T. style acupressure treatment. I have had success with Mercurius 1M and Bismuth Citrate 1M. Mercurius is Dr. Hahnemanns remedy for syphilis, a related organism. Bismuth Citrate is useful for Heliocobacter Pylori, implicated in many digestive complaints, including ulcers. A form of Bismuth is being used, especially in Mexico, to heal Lyme Disease.

I call my method "The Fairbairn Method". There are as many applications as perhaps one can imagine.

Posted: 2008-08-13
Contributed by: Deborah from Mountain View (
Primary complaint: Autism

Dear Reader, I wrote this letter in answer to a question from a mother on the group. I thought the parent went to a sequential homeopath, but it turns out that was not the case. Nonetheless this letter tells a little bit about the differences between sequential and classical homeopathy. It also presents a brief description of the Sankaran Sensations Method, which has become very popular with homeopaths around the world. At the end is a brief case of a child who was helped a great deal using classical homeopathy. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey of healing for your child.

Dear Parent, It sounds like you took your son to a sequential homeopath rather than a classical homeopath. Here are some definitions of sequential homeopathy that I found at the following website:

Sequential "refers to the specific treatment of various shocks and traumas (emotional, physical, iatrogenic (medically-induced) in a person's lifetime, in the reverse order (from most recent to most distant in time - back to conception). It is this more specific meaning that is examined here.

It was not until the 1970s that a Swiss medical doctor, Dr. J.F. Elmiger, who decided to study homeopathy, discovered that the iatrogenic shocks of drugs and vaccinations was a major cause of illness and that the treatment of these shocks proceeded in the reverse order of their occurrence. He called the treatment of these shocks and traumas according to their reverse time sequence La therapie sequentielle or Sequential Therapy."

From my understanding they follow this with four routine remedies that they give to everyone. I don't know all four, but I believe that Natrum muriaticum, and Opium are amongst the four.

I can understand how this can be extremely confusing to parents seeking homeopathic treatment. Everyone will have their own ideas as to which system is preferable, the classical system in which you select a remedy based on symptom similarity, and look at the whole person; or sequential. The idea with classical homeopathy is that there is only one remedy at any given time which the patient is calling for. My personal preference is classical homeopathy.

According to Rajan Sankaran, my teacher, and the man most responsible for bringing clarity to homeopathy, and reconnecting the remedy names to the substances from which they come: Within each person there are two songs that play simulataneously: the human song, and the element which is out of place which he calls the other song. The other song expresses itself in the human being through disease manifestations and alterations in health in all spheres. His belief is that the job of the homeopath is to identify that other song. That song is a single substance at any one time, not a smorgasbord of all shocks, vaccines, etc. that the person has had. When you successfully identify the other song, the other substance, and administer the homeopathic remedy, the other song is quieted down and the human song is left free to express itself unhindered by disease.

The substance which is out of place, the disease producer comes from the non-human world, and expresses itself in the body in sensations, behavior, fears and so forth. As homeopath we have to identify this substance and the source kingdom from which it comes, be it animal, mineral, plant, fungus or bacteria. This is the first step in the case taking process for classical homeopaths practicing the Sankaran Sensations Method: identify the kingdom. This sounds simple, but can take years to really understand and implement in practice.

The next step in the classical homeopathic approach is to identify the miasm. Miasm means different things to different people, but in the Sankaran method it indicates the attitude toward the chief complaint, or the pace and intensity of the chief complaint, as well as inherited predispositions to disease. If the miasm is understood, one is 90% there in finding the remedy.

The similimum lies at the crosspoint between the miasm and the kingdom. To further narrow down the selection: we examine the sensations carefully for plant remedies. For mineral remedies, we check where the person fits on the periodic table of the elements, where every column and row has a meaning. For animal remedies we look a the themes of the various animal remedies, and characteristic symptoms to see which remedy fits the best.

This is a brief overview of the Sankaran Sensation Method of classical homeopathy. Needless to say there are many challenges working with children who are nonverbal, or severely challenged with communication. When the child cannot communicate effectively, either due to autism or being at a preverbal age, the homeopath has to rely on the parents for their observations, or on his or her observations of the child. The option of speaking to the child and asking the child straight out what he or she is experiencing and his or her attitude toward it is not available.

But observation and inspiration can be an extremely powerful tools. I will describe a case below in which observation and inspiration helped me to find the similimum for the child. This little boy was diagnosed with autism at age three and began ABA therapy at 3 1/2. He had a history of ear infections and tonsilitis, which improved after having his tonsils removed. His ability to learn and concentrate was very poor, but what most concerned the parents was his running away behavior. Locks and barricades had to be set up at his school, and there had to be someone watching over him at every moment or else he would run into the street. While he was in the office with me he attempted to bolt to the street repeatedly, and had to be forcibly held much of the time during the consultation so he would not run away. When he was at home, he wanted to go outside all the time, and the doors had to be locked in such a way that he could not open them for him to stay in the house.

This desire to escape, and disposition to run away (also known as dromonmania) was a big hint to me to explore the Tubercular miasm. Some of the words that clue us to examine the Tubercular miasm: are trapped, freedom, desire to change, oppression, defiant, intense activity and others. The child did not have the sensitivities associated with the plant kingdom, nor was the victim/aggressor theme associated with the animal kingdom present. So I decided to examine the mineral kingdom and I looked closely at the mineral remedies in the Tubercular miasm. I read about the remedies further in different materia medicas, and studied what Jan Scholten had to say in his books on the elements and minerals. After this I selected Iodium, or Iodum 1M for this child. The history of enlarged tonsils and tonsilitis also helped me make the selection.

I actually did not even have him take the remedy internally. I had the mother administer what I call "A Pillow Dose." This is a method of taking the remedy, which I developed myself after my observation that remedies can work by proximity to the patient, and from records of Dream Provings, where homeopathic remedies are "proven" by people who place them under the pillow and report their dreams and the changes in their health that they experience. I have seen many remarkable success stories with pillow doses, and have grown to respect this as an excellent method of administering the remedy. When you lay on the pillow on top of the remedy, you enter the energetic field of the remedy, and come under its influence.

Iodium was actually the third remedy I tried for this boy. Sometimes it takes a while to really understand the case, and for that stroke of inspiration to come. I am very grateful to the mother and father who never lost faith, were never disrespectful and believed that their child could be helped. These are the key ingredient in a successful cure: humility, faith, persistence and respect on the parts of all concerned. If the parents had given up after remedy one, or two, they would not have a son who is thriving now. Here is the last progress report I have on this little boy. I am sharing this with permission of his mother. The remedy was administered on April 7, 2007 and the progress report is from June 16, 2008, which is the last time I spoke to the mother.

Chart of Symptoms of Autistic boy on Iodium 1M

Better (If three or four symptoms in the better category get worse for two to three weeks please call or send me an e-mail. It may be an indication that your child is ready for a dose of the remedy).

Language is improving a lot. Using more sentences and vocabulary. He is improving at home and at school. He is speaking in complete sentences. His attention span is also improving. He is not touching his shirt to his mouth. He stopped covering his head when he sleeps. He is not fighting with his brother anymore. Wanting to be with mom all the time is okay now. He used to keep the faucet open and liked to watch it. Now he turns it off after he wshes his hands. He stopped this on his own. Liking high places has decreased. He used to go to the top of the fireplace, but that stopped also. Dry skin is okay. Bad breath is fine now. He is now joining in circle time all the time. He likes participating in groups. He likes to play parachute all the time and asks his brother and sister to play with him. He stopped repeating the same word in an agitated manner if he liked the sound of something. He stopped laughing and talking to himself. Now he is not laughing without any reason. The thirst decreased. Mom is not seeing him drink a lot of water now. Hyperactivity completely stopped a week after the remedy. He stopped touching his genitals after the remedy. Wanting to do opposite of what mother tells him has stopped. Not wanting to go home has decreased. Wanting to go to the bathroom every five minutes is okay now.

Same (The symptoms in the same category usually start to get better by six months from when the child took the remedy).

There are still some words that he cannot pronounce well, like F's and V's. He still doesn't want fruits and vegetables. Rigidity is the same. He still wants to go to the same bathroom, mom to drive the same direction. He still loves to play with his cars the same. He loves his cars a lot. He still hits at school sometimes, but not at home. His attachment to cars. He can spend all day playing with cars.

New (The symptoms in the new category should get better soon. If they continue for a long time it may be an indication for the next remedy).

Wanting to listen to loud music. He wants mom to make the music loud in the car. ____________

As you can see this little boy improved a great deal in many areas after just a few months on Iodium 1M administered under the pillow. He did not need a sequence of remedies to remove the negative effects of vaccines, nor of traumas he had experienced. He needed the homeopathic remedy that corresponded with his symptoms in the correct potency.

Please let me know if you have any questions about homeopathy for your child. Wishing you all the best.

In love and service,

Deborah Olenev CCH RSHom (NA) Homeopathy for Health 59 Paul Avenue Mountain View CA 94041 650-569-6219 __._,_.___

Posted: 2008-06-09
Contributed by: Ana Mirna Campos from Los Angeles (
Primary complaint: Autism

Love, Hope, Faith

The Autism Strike

At the age of 17 months old, my son Marcelo received the MMR and DPT vaccinations the same day. Immediately, he started with behavior and health problems that started with an episode of diarrhea that lasted for 3 weeks, continue with self injured behavior in a cradling position hitting his head against the kitchen floor. A hyper activity that did not allow him to sleep at night. Also, he became aggresive to me. If upset or excited, he scratch, hit, or kick me.

HIs hyper activity kept him up until 3 a.m. His health was getting worst each day. He developed all kind of infections, fongus in his tongue, blisters in his fingers, gengivetes, diaper rash, repetitive upper air way infections, skin rash similar to chicken pox, eyes infections, 7 times ear infection.

4 months later his pediatrician transfered him to The Immunology Department at Children Hospital. He was diagnosed with "neutropenia" An Immnune System disorder in which the white cells are too low they can not fight bacteria. Within weeks he was transfered to Oncology Department. He had a bone marrow aspiration and biopsia. On a 6 months follow up, he was healed. A miracle. God answered my prayers.

At his pediatrician clinic, one day he became very aggresive to me. He was transfered to a neurology for an evaluation. Then he was transfered to The Regional Center. Here he was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 years 8 months old.

Immediately I started looking for information on internet. I found the Homeopathy Book "Impossible Cure" by Amy Lansky. I contacted her, and she gave me the phone number of John Melnychuk the same homeopath that helped cure Amy's son.

Marcelo on Homeopathy Remedy. Road to Recovery. January 2007 Marcelo has turned 4 years old. We had our first meeting with John. My heart full of hope. Marcelo hyper activity was so bad, he was not talking, he had disruptive behavior. I did not dare to take him out side home on weekends. He was going from home to day care only. Next month he started with a daily dossage of the remedy. His language started to developed nicely. He went from not talking to bilingual Spanish/English. In one year, his language has developed so well that at age 5 years 2 months his Speech Assesment score was 6.8 words. It is expected one word per year of life. So, he was expected to score 5.2 word.

First, he healed from the severe gengivitis that already lasted 3 years. He had seen 3 different dentist with the same belief. "There is nothing that we can do. He is too young. Just keep cleaning his mouth"

On the first months on the remedy, he started understanding people's emotions. Before he could not read my face. Now, I do not need to say a word. If I do not approve what he is doing, he understand my emotions only by looking at my face. Now, he says "Mommy I want to see your face with an smile"

After 6 months on the remedy, he finaly toilette trained. I was told at his day care that people with autism are not aware of their needs. So probably Marcelo was not going to be toilette trained. I have big expectations for Marcelo. So, I dropped him from the day care. I brought my sister-in-law Carmen from El Salvador to have Marcelo home. I said Carmen tomorrow put Marcelo on his under wear and asking him to go to the bathroom every 2 hours. He wet his pants only once. The next time he used the bathroom. He is toilette trained since that day. 2 moths after he was toilette trained he finally healed from the persistent fongus in his diaper area.

His hiper activity continue but there was some improvement. He had no need to be in the sofa in his usual upside down position. He had a fear for routine things like a nails or hair cut. It was so stressful for him at the point of make him vomited. Now, he let me cut his hair. I do not need to wait until he is sleeping. I can asking to show me his fingers when is time to cut his nails.

During the 8 month on the remedy, Marcelo had another tremendous improvement. One night he fell sleep at 9 0'clock. This was the miracle I was expecting from the first day he started the homeopathy remedy. I have to tell that after 2 months Carmen went back to El Salvador. I left my job and started taking care fo Marcelo at home. Obviously, he was overwhelmed with the 2 hous of school and the rest of the day at day care. So, with some changes and the help of the remedy he was able to calm down, regulate his body and finally he falls sleep at 9 as it is expected for a child his age. Once he started with the pattern of good night sleep, he continues sleeping at 9. There have been so many days that he is sleeping at 7, so many days he is sleeping at 8.

12 months on the Remedy Marcelo is a Typical Child in Many Ways.

Marcelo has turned 5 years now. He continues with his daily dossage of Homeopathy Remedy. In so many ways he is a typical child now. We have annual passes for Disneyland. I can take him to Disneyland with no problem at all. He is able to hold my hand and he follows the park rules. Before, I could not take him any where because of his non stoping running.

I can take Marcelo to Mac Donald's like any other typical child. Marcelo enjoys himself in the play area. Once he has had enought he ask for his meal. He is abele to sit down and enjoy his meal. Before, a trip to Mac Donald's was too much for him. He shivered from fear in the play area. In the meal area he crashed his body from table to table.

Marcelo is going to start kindergarten next July 08. He already knows the 26 letters of the alphabet, He knows all the colors and shapes, he count up to 20. His Social Skills have started to developed.

I am aware that there are many challenges for my son in the first years of school. But I am so happy for the accomplishment he has had and for the tremendous progress he has made. Every day my proudest accomplishment Marcelo is asleept at 9. Life is good.

Posted: 2008-05-22
Contributed by: Deniz's Parents from New York (
Primary complaint: Flu

Winter 2008 - Deniz has a flu...

Feb 29 Flu symptoms started in the evening. After dinner he developed low grade fever, watery eyes. We couldn't figure out a single remedy so gave FluCare for Kidz. Two evenings he had low grade fever, up to 101. At 5 pm his eyes get watery and itchy. He does not have bad breath. Not much appetite, but he does not gag when he's fed. No vomitting. Dry skin, legs. Sweat at night. Two nights soaking sweat. Other nights sweat on the head. Active and playful during the day, by 7pm no energy, he falls asleep. But wakes up every few hours coughing, we give Chestal Honey He's better outdoors.

He didn't get better after a few days we called Pierre Fontaine. After a phone consultation he prescribed Euphrasia.

After one dose: March 6 Euphrasia worked like a miracle on Deniz last Saturday. It made him sleep for 17 hours. He woke up to drink some water and rice milk and went back to sleep. Then he woke up much better on Sunday morning.

This showed us how single remedy worked so quickly when prescribed precisely. We tried to control the sypmtoms by using other remedy cocktails for a few days. They gave some relief but didn't recover him. Only one dose of Euphrasia did the trick and he got better.

Posted: 2008-05-16
Contributed by: Ray from Los Altos
Primary complaint: Autistic Spectrum

Amy - Your story and homeopathy helped recover our son, Matthew, from autism. Ten years ago when Matthew was 18 months old, we noticed a significant developmental change after Matthew received a course of childhood vaccines. Matthew's pediatrician suggested that we take Matthew to a specialist - who later confirmed that Matthew was on the autistic spectrum.

At that time, the Internet was not as robust as it is today and was still in its relative infancy. I was able, however, to use the Internet as a tool to research this condition - that was certainly not as mainstream (unfortunately) as it is today. During one of my late night searches I stumbled upon "Max's Story". While I didn't know much about homeopathy, your story was not only inspiring. . . it seemed to be "too good to be true".

I took the fact that John Melnychuk, Max's homeopath, to be local to be more than just coincidence. My wife and I took our son to visit John and to explore whether homeopathy could indeed provide a key to our son's recover. After all, what did we have to lose?

Matthew developed significantly as a result of his homeopathic treatments. He carries no labels. He attends a regular school (never has had a shadow). He gets good grades. He has a terrific sense of humor.

Because you were willing to share "Max's Story" - I wanted to share ours.

Thank you Amy!

Posted: 2008-05-14
Contributed by: Anonymous from Charlotte (Anonymous)
Primary complaint: Psoriasis

I wanted to share this interview we had with a customer who had an amazing story to tell on the effectiveness of Kali Bromatum.

It is presented "as is":

1) What was your condition before? "I had Psoriasis that was flaring badly and I had it over 90% of my body."

2) What other treatments have you tried (successful or not)? "Topical, UVB, PUVA, Narrowband UVB."

3) Where did you hear about homeopathic treatment? "A co-worker."

4) How did you know which one to try? " recommended it."

5) What dosages did you take? "Started with 6C, and moved to 12C."

6) What were the results like and how long before you noticed any results? "Within 2 weeks, I started to clear. I am now about 90-95% clear. I've only been doing this for 6 weeks or so. If I had to live with the current situation for the rest of my life, I wouldn't have a problem. Before the Kali Bromatum, I had a lot of misery with my Psoriasis. Now, I'm almost clear and don't really feel the effects of the little Psoriasis I have. This is the best my Psoriasis has been in over 14 years and there are NO side-effects! Many of the other more advanced treatments have major side-effects."

"I would love to see how it works for other people with Psoriasis."

Posted: 2008-04-25
Contributed by: Deniz's mom from New York (
Primary complaint: Ear infection, bronchitis

I recently posted our story on Autism. Below is another homeopathy success story... Thanks to Amy again and homeopath Pierre Fontaine.

When we found out that my son had bronchitis and ear infection it was very difficult and stressful to wait a day to get what his homeopath prescribed for him. It started with cough and gag when heard of food started Nov 25. He didn't want to eat for few days except rice milk and gf cookies. On 26th and 28th he had low grade fever at night. Threw up few times during the day that week. We took him to the doctor on Nov 29th. Doctor said he had ear infection in his left ear and bronchitis. Prescribed Albuterol and Augmentin. She mentioned the side effect of Albuterol, hyperactivity. We were torn between giving a shot to homeopathy and wait a day to get the remedy or go to the pharmacy and get what doctor prescribed. and we waited... We gave Mercurius Cyanatus 30c on Nov 30 and Dec 1st (total of 4 times) and he got better, gagging stopped after the first dose, appettite increased, coughing stopped. In only two days he got better.

That week we noticed a jump in his cognitive and communication skills. Follow up visit with pediatrician was on Monday, Dec. 10. Doctor said we did not need to continue antibiotics -we didn't tell her about homeopathy- did not have infection anymore. She said there's a bit fluid in left ear still, but not important. She also said he was recovered from bronchitis. Up until a month ago we used this remedy whenever he gagged on food. We use the remedy and he starts eating without any problem.

Our next story will be another success story on flu...

How it works is mystery to me, but Homeopathy works and that's what matters...

Posted: 2008-04-05
Contributed by: Deniz's parents from New York (
Primary complaint: Autism/PDD-NOS

Dear Amy, We can not thank you enough for the hope and support you spread our way. We never met in person but you have such a big part in our son's recovery. Thank you.

Here's our story.

When our son was diagnosed as PDD-NOS when he was 26 months old, our first reaction was denial. Our son was speech delayed, we didn't know much about Autism but whatever it was, our son did not have it. He was the happiest baby you could see around. He had started babbling at 2 months, had great eye contact and met all milestones. Yes, he had some gagging issues, appetite problems but socially he was great.

Denial didn't last too long, we started researching. More we read more we got convinced that there was something wrong. As painful as it was we had admit that our son had some form/level of Autism and we would do anything to bring him back to our lives.

We started with Gluten&Casein free diet. This diet made a huge improvement on his cognitive skills. It was almost like a big dark cloud removed before his eyes. He started looking at us in the eye, pointing, much better appetite, more regular bowel movements only in few days. His speech therapist was shocked when he showed his body parts which she had been working on for 6 months with no luck. In few weeks he learned numbers, alphabet, shapes, colors. He was totally silent, no words at all but he would respond to so many things.

DAN doctor visit was a huge disappointment. Other than the bloodwork and some supplement recommendations it was a complete fiasco, waste of time and money. He wanted to use a diabetes drug called Actos on him, of course we thanked and left his office. Few months later we heard some allegations about this drug caused heart failure. Same days we found out fluoride caused neourological disorders, our son had been taking multivitamins with fluoride for 6 months which was prescribed by his pediatrician.

Lost faith in conventional medicine, searching for alternative approaches, a friend mentioned about homeopathy. We ordered Amy's book and started to understand what homeopathy was all about. We're so grateful that Amy responded to our e mail with some homeopath recommendations. We contacted Pierre Fontaine, after a long and exhausting initial visit, he gave our son a remedy called Thuja. After the first dose we observed large amount of nasal discharge. After the second dose increased awareness and movement in mouth area. He started sticking his tongue out and move it much more easily. He became much more aware of his surroundings. These were all good, obviously something was working. However as he became more aware, he started visual stimming. It was extremely nerve wrecking for us and lasted 2 months. We even wrote to Amy, skeptical about the remedy selection. She told us this was very common. It was a way for kids to overcome the anxiety that's caused by awareness.

Pierre Fontaine also recommended red clay bath. First bath relaxed him so much he slept almost 12 hours straight. Second one caused rash on his lips and cheeks, in 2-3 days it dissappeared and he became much more affectionate.

We repeated Thuja few more times, and used few other remedies for some acute illnesses. One remedy that we used for an acute condition worked great for him. It's Mercurius Cyanatus. He had bad breath and always repeating dry cough. This remedy to this day helps him.

Our son is now 3.5 years old. He's been talking for last 6 months. He started reading before talking. We knew he was able to read but didn't know how much since he didn't talk. He is very connected, still getting speech, "modified" ABA, OT, PT, all other services. He's a very funny, smart little boy, no longer autistic. He still has some social issues and he gets sick very often. Our main goals are for him to engage with other kids also find THE remedy to touch him on a deeper level and resolve the tendency of getting sick.

Feel free to e-mail us any questions, we would be happy to share any info that we know with you.

Deniz's parents

Posted: 2008-02-29
Contributed by: Ali Hasan from San Jose, CA (
Primary complaint: Autism (Update)

Hello Amy,

It has been about a year since my last email regarding our son, Amaan. I often get emails from readers of this website, so decided to give an update to you, and to the visitors of your website. Pardon me if this gets too long, but there are many things that I want to share. I have a tendency to ramble on, so bear with me while I indulge.

Before going over a list of some of the things we have seen improvements in, I'd like to underscore the point that progress is not quick. It has been slow. It has now been more than 2 years since we started homeopathic treatment for Amaan. We used to get really depressed reading some of the stories on this page, which talk about cures within days or weeks. But since we have been keeping daily notes on Amaan since the day we started his treatment, we always go back and check to see what improvements we have seen from day to day, or week to week. Progress is slow, but it is steady. And there are frequent paybacks that make us want to keep going; like the first time Amaan ran to me and gave me a big hug as I walked in the door in the evening.

For about the first year, we were just trying to fix the digestive problems. Constipation mainly. Once that was out of the way, we started peeling the onion of "everything else". Quite a few times, we'd see an improvement, it would stick around a few days, and then go away. For example, about 3-4 months ago after a remedy, Amaan started babbling quite a bit, like he was about ready to talk. Said one or two sentences even. But then that went away after 2 days or so. Now, that same type of babbling is back, and thankfully seems to be sticking. It has been a couple of weeks now and he had not stopped it.

As it was with you Amy, so it is with us, in that we find that prayer helps a lot. It gives one the faith to continue to carry on when things seem bleak. For example, for us, when we see some big improvement and then see it disappear, rather than giving up in dispair that things are not working, we are able to look at it and say: "This means that the capability to do this is in there, within our child. We saw it! It got away this time. But we'll get it again."

Another interesting observation we have is the "rewind" function of homeopathy that we'd read about. Quite a few symptoms that exhibited when Amaan's autism was starting seem to come back, albeit with much less severity and for a much shorter duration, and then as they go away, Amaan seems to have taken yet another step away from Autism. One example from about a year ago: Amaan used to keep taking his clothes off. Then that behaviour stopped. The day we started giving him Sulphur, he could NOT keep his clothes on. It seemed as if instead of improving, he had taken a turn for the worse. We called Dr. Bashir Malik in a panic and told him. He said that it was great thing, and we should be thankful that Sulphur is working so well. "What do you mean working well?! He seems to have lost the gains he made in the last 4 months!" But the next day, not only did he stop running around without his pants, but in the afternoon, out of the blue, he grabbed the blocks his sister had strewn all over the floor, stacked them in a tower 9-10 blocks high and knocked them over! Stacking blocks was something his school had been trying to get him to do for ages and ages, and he would never even attempt to stack even 2 blocks. In the assesment that the public school psychologist had done for him she cited his inability to be able to stack one block on top of another as proof that Amaan could not benefit from services being provided by the public school in the Autism class and so should be moved to a class for the mentally retarded. And here he was, stacking all the blocks he could reach. This pattern, seemingly going to the level of expert from zero, without apparently taking the smaller steps in between, has been typical of the improvements we see. These are step functions, and not gradual slopes of improvement. Rather than first learning to stack one, then two, then more, Amaan went from not stacking to stacking many.

We see so many improvements now, with things that we never even realised needed fixing. We would always just worry about his lack of communication, but as we are seeing the changes in him, we are realizing just how much Autism had affected the child within, and without.

* Amaan had never been ticklish. We figured so what, lots of people are just not ticklish. It did seem strange, since all kids break out in giggles if they are poked in the side, but not Amaan. Now though, Amaan is very ticklish. You just have to wiggle your fingers close to him and he starts rolling around in fits of giggles. :-)

* Amaan never turned and twisted while sleeping. He'd wake up in the same pose that he'd gone to sleep in. Whereas our daughter rotates about 420 degrees around all three (!) axes during the night. Again, we figured that it was good thing which maybe showed he was sleeping peacefully. Now though, he does move around while sleeping. I am not sure what this means, but I suspect this also means that sensation is coming back to all parts of the body, and that what we thought was a good thing was, in actual fact, a bad thing.

* He has become a very mischievous child. Loves to stand in front of the TV when his sister is watching her favorite show. Occasionally even stands in front of the TV with a big cushion in his hands, and giggles when his sister whines. Very typical kid behaviour, which we'd never seen from him. He now takes all the toy cups with him to the bathroom and plays in the sink with them. Whenever we don't see him around, we can always find him in the upstairs bathroom with his plastic cups, sitting in the sink and filling up cups and pouring the water here and there. The mess he makes playing is a breath of fresh air for us. This is the child who would just sit in a corner and bite his nails or walk around in circles looking at the floor.

* His comprehension is way way better now. Whereas before, it was in such a state that we had hearing tests done for him, because it seemed that he couldn't even hear us. Now, we expect him to understand and follow simple directions. Like asking him to pick something up and give it to us. To go and get his shoes etc. He understands directions given in Urdu (our tongue) at home, as well as in English at his speech therapy sessions and in school (at PACE preschool.)

* He is consistently saying the Urdu words for Mom and Dad now. Says Go Go Go, when he wants to go out. Last night, we were driving and were stuck in traffic, and he said "Go Go Go Abba (Dad)." He is also babbling quite a bit now, in long strings. His speech therapist also has very encouraging things to say about him. She says that she is watching Amaan get better from the inside-out. She says she has watched the child in him wake up over the last 6 or so months.

* Last week his old pre-school teacher from PACE did a developmental therapy session with him. (She had quit her job last august, and had not seen him for ~6 months.) A few minutes into the session, she came out and said that she needed to get a whole bunch of more stuff for him to work on. Based on what she expected, she had prepared a task for him to do for the hour, but he'd finished it right away. She was reasonably impressed. :-)

I think this is quite enough for now! Once again, thank you Amy for showing us the way. I hope to be able to share with you the fact of Amaan being completely cured some time soon.


P.S. I also decided to get myself some "Homeopathic Tuning", and that fixed things I didn't realise were broken in me!! I am a much happier and healthier person now. But that story some other time.

Posted: 2007-12-30
Contributed by: Lisa from Hobart
Primary complaint: Autism

We have been working with a classical homeopath for almost a year now and the results have been amazing.

We knew our son was different the moment he was born. We began interventions at the age of 26 months because he was not speaking. We did a lot of Floortime and some biomedical interventions and he made progress, but he was still behind his peers.

After growing disappointed with the DAN! protocol, we switched to homeopathy in January 2007. I was worried that my son would not be able to handle the type of work in a Kindergarten classroom, nor would he be able to communicate with his peers appropriately. At our parent-teacher conference in December 2007, all of our fears were laid to rest. He is doing all the work on his own with very little direction, he initiates contact with his peers, he has shown empathy towards other classmates and his teacher kept saying they were amazed at how well he was doing, given his history.

We still have some areas to work on, but I am very confident that homeopathy can help my son get over some of the stumbling blocks currently in his way, leading to a very bright, very smooth future.

Posted: 2007-11-23
Contributed by: Jeanette Fransen from Sedona
Primary complaint: Autism

My daughter Lexi was dignosed a few long months after my son Jax was diagnosed both with autiem. We did the GF, CF, Sor Free, corn free all organic, rotation diet. We used the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, quantum bio feed back, and homeopathic drops, supplements and a lot of prayers. My little girl was "CURED" in a few long months. My son we are still working with but he has made a lot of improvement.

Dr. Alan Ketover is a great Dr. in Paradise valley AZ If you have the ability to go to a D.A.N. conference go. You will learn so much. Jeanette Fransen You can always e-mail me regarding this matter.

Posted: 2007-11-14
Contributed by: Brian Giles from Othello, WA (
Primary complaint: Autism

I'm not sure I can put into words the feelings of gratitude we have for Dr. Luepker and our introduction to Homeopathic care. Our son's story probably begins the same as a lot of autistic children. His diagnosis of autism came as a surprise to us but as a relief that we could put a name to what was happening to our little boy. His autism wasn' t only a diagnosis but it was his prison. His life was controlled by his obsessions which consisted of the color red, lining things up, playing in water (flushing the toilet approximately 20 times a day) playing with his spit and feces, flapping his hands, wanting to be squeezed, ripping paper, and spinning. He experienced constant diarrhea and he was very picky about what food he would eat. He didn't mind playing by himself and refused to play with other children which led to virtually no social skills. At 2 1/2 he could only speak 5 words and his frustration from his inability to communicate usually resulted in fits of crying. He had poor coordination and low motor skills. He would focus on one thing and could do it for hours such as ripping paper or watching water flow from the sink. Then when Parker was 3 1/2 we met with Dr. Luepker and our little Parker who seemed like a boy lost in the fog of uncontrol, was found. After only one week of giving Parker the remedy Dr. Luepker supplied, Parker's obsessions began to clear. His obsessions with red, his spit and feces, and lining things up began to disappeared. Slowly, as the months went on we would see improvements almost weekly. He began signing songs, talking in sentences, and communicating. His appetite grew and by putting him on the gluten free diet his diarrhea cleared. The spinning, the ripping, and the flapping all decreased, and for once he began to actually look at us as though we were more than just objects. He looked at us, hugged us, and communicated with us. At the age of 4 Parker was potty trained which was something we weren't sure we were ever going to see happen. Today Parker will eat anything put in front of him. He sleeps almost 10 hours a night and he lives life like clock work. He still thrives with order but enjoys using his imagination and playing with other children. His coordination is typical for any 5 year old as is his learning abilities. Parker has been in school since he was 2 1/2 and now at 5 is in a regular kindergarden class. He still likes to spend a little time ripping paper and continues flapping his hands when he gets excited, but the fog has cleared and he is a very happy person. For us the challenges are not over, but the day we found Homeopathic care, we found hope and 2 1/2 years later we have found unimaginable success. "Thank you Dr. Luepker" just doesn't seem like enough!

Posted: 2007-08-16
Contributed by: Peggy from McLean (Contributor Email)
Primary complaint: Allergies

I come from a family of conventional doctors and was brought up by conventional medicine, believing in antibiotics, antihistimines, etc., until my son was born. He led me into a world of homeopathy. He was diagnosed with allergies and eczema since birth. I took him to numerous conventional medicine doctors. They told me there was no cure. You don't know the hopelessness I felt when all those allopathic doctors doomed my son to a life of no hope. I realized the dangers of continuous antibiotics and antihistamines as prolong treatments for chonic diseases. They merely suppress the bodies immune systems. I discovered homeopathy through a friend's recommendation. And I thank God I have found a solution for my son's medical problems. Through classical homeopathy and nutritional diet, I have been able to minimize his allergies and his eczema.

The homeopathic two laws: Like cures Like and Law of the Minimum to me are the two most powerful principals in medicine. Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, came up with two laws to treat illnesses. Law of Contrary which the conventional medicine uses and Law of Minimum which the homeopaths practice.

Let me tell you, my whole family uses homeopathy now. My husband had vertigo, and again at the ER, the doctor said "There was no cure" and just prescribed an anhistamine, which made him lie in bed the whole day. He had to wait it out. I panicked and brought him to the homeopathic doctor. He was up and about and was able to function, helping me with household chores, the next day. Another time, his back gave way and was lying in bed helpless. And I rang up the homeopathic doctor. He was up and about in three days and in one week he could walk and move about without pain.

As for myself, taking care of a baby is not easy. I had back problems and the flu. At which point, the homeopathic doctor prescribed something which helped me get better within hours.

You never know the power of homeopathy until you try. And I pray everyday that we advance toward the goal of integrative medicine. Because I believe that is the future of medicine. We must open an educational facility to educate the next generation of doctors in homeopathy.

Posted: 2007-07-24
Contributed by: Heinrich from South Africa (
Primary complaint: Autism

My son was also diagnosed with Autism 6 months ago. He is now 3 years and 1 month old. I would like to share with you what route we followed since his diagnosing. And in my opinion he is fast on the way to a full recovery. We did a few things that I will list that worked for us: 1. We took him to a homeopath that immediately detoxed his MMR vaccination. Within a few days a boy who had regressed badly, did not talk, had repetitive behaviour, had no eye contact and zere social skills, began to make a tremndous improvement. Suddenly the smile was back when he was a little boy, he started to run again. He has been on homepathic treatment ever since and is gradually making an improvemnt day by day. 2. We invested in a high level water filter to filter for metal toxins in the water. 3. We started with speech therapy, 2 sessions a week. 4. We started with horse riding therapy sessions, 2 a week. Since he has started this 2 months ago he has improved immensely. 5. Remedial therapy once every 2 weeks. 6. and lots of love While it will be difficult to say what weight each point has on his steady recovery I belive that the homeopath saved his and our lives. He is now a happy little boy, steadily making progress with his speech, with hundreds of words where he had maybe 10 words 6 months ago. He is more socially active and makes very good eye contact. We will enroll him into a normal kindergarden next month. It chills my blood to think that the Doctor who has diagnosed him said that he will have to be go to a special school and we will have to look after him for the rest of our life. He could not be more wrong. How many more children did he send to special schools who could be treated? I truly believe that there are many of these children who has an illness or has been afflicted by a vaccination, they feel very bad every day of their lives but they cannot tell us, and they start to revert into themselves thinking 'hey, this is life". While there are of course still a lot of work to be done with our little boy, I believe he is definetaly not autistic anymore. This view is shared by both his speech and remedial therapist and another child psychiatrist. Good luck

Posted: 2007-06-09
Contributed by: Erica from North Port (
Primary complaint: dish detergent in eye causing swelling, redness

This morning while I was in the bathroom, my 1 year old decided to take the Palmolive dish detergent and "paint" our newly painted entrance way with it. Normally we use Seventh Generation which is clear and non-toxic but we had the bright green other stuff because it cleans Lovebugs off cars and lately we've been inundated with them and they'll ruin the paint on your car if you don't get them off.

Anyway, my poor little one's right eye was almost completely swollen shut, fire-y red and blotchy. I spent about 15 minutes trying to rinse her eye at the kitchen sink and it just was not getting any better. So I put her in the tub and poured water over it again and again for another 15 minutes and it still was not getting better. The baby was so upset as was I!

I thought about giving her a remedy and I considered Apis Mellifica and Allium Cepa. But she had just taken remedy earlier in the week for Croup and I did not want to interfere with anything that might still be working.

I suddenly had an idea and while my 10 year old daughter watched the baby in the tub, I quickly made a 10x "remedy" by dropping 1 drop of the dish detergent into an 8 oz. glass of water. I gently stirred this and took 1 drop of this water and added it to a 16 oz. bottle of spring water after I'd emptied out about 1/4 of it. I succussed it 10x and emptied all but a tiny bit, refilled it, and then succussed it again. I did this 10 times. There was never enough of the original "soap water" to make soap bubbles and after diluting it 10 times I was confident it was safe to use as a rinse.

Being a photographer, I always have my camera nearby and I decided to take a before picture to see if it made any difference. I then poured about 1/2 of the solution over the baby's eye and forehead. She was *not* happy! But... within about 15 seconds her eye opened and the redness went down a little... About 8 minutes later, the eye was completely open and the redness was much better! I took her out of the tub and within 30 minutes, the eye was completely better and the baby was happy again!!! :-) Hooray!

See pictures here:

Picture 1 - Pre-remedy but about 30 minutes post washing the eye with water. Picture 2 - 15 seconds after remedy wash. Picture 3 - 8 minutes after remedy wash. Picture 4 - 30 minutes after remedy wash.

Posted: 2007-04-09
Contributed by: Ali Hasan from San Jose, CA (
Primary complaint: Autism

I'd sent out an email of Thanks to Amy for writing the book and pointing us in the direction of a cure for our son. She suggested I put my story here.

So I come here, and imagine my surprise, there is another story on here mentioning our Doctor!! Bashir Malik, from Lahore, Pakistan! Whoa!

Attached is the email I'd sent to Amy, with some details on our son, Amaan, added.


Hi Amy,

First and foremost, my wife Fareeha and I would like to say thank you very very much for your book. Our son, Amaan, who will turn 5 in June, was diagnosed with Autism when he was 3 years and 3 months old. He was a typically developing child until around 1.5 years old or so, and then slowly started changing in front of us. We didn't know what was going on for a quite a while. Our daughter was born just around then, and she was born 2 months early. Fareeha had to stay in the hospital for a while, and then our daughter was in the hospital for about 2 months, so we were back and forth for a while there. We thought he was just disturbed because of that, and maybe a bit jealous of the new arrival and will get better. But he didn't. He kept getting worse. We would take him to the Doctors, and they would say they don't see anything wrong. Eventually, after about a year and a half of stress and running around, we were told that he is autistic. We didn't know what that meant. We hit Google, and were totally devastated! We "discovered" your book in December of the year 2005, again while using Google to try to find cures. Incidentally, our Pediatrician, the Psychologist at the public school, and pretty much the whole "medical" establishment was telling us that there is no cure.

Your book gave us hope. Being from Pakistan, we were familiar with homeopathy, but had never thought of it in connection with Autism.

Our son is being treated by a Homeopath who is a close family friend of ours. We have seen huge changes in Amaan over the last year and few months, since we started the treatment.

* The crankiness is gone. GONE!

* The waking up in the nights crying went away in a week!

* He isn't avoiding people anymore. No more sitting in a corner chewing his nails for Amaan. He now actively searches out for people and engages them in play.

* His eye contact is total now.

* He has started playing with toys now, whereas before he'd only walk around in circles or sit and stare in the distance.

* He loves wrestling with me now. Only a dad would be able to imagine the despair I'd felt when Amaan had stopped wrestling with me... he was around 20 months or so when he quit doing that. Well, he started doing it again 6 months ago.

Infact, apart from not talking, there isn't anything that would set him apart from any other kid. Amman attends PACE (Pacific Autism Center for Education here, in San Jose) these days. (We have horror stories from the public school he attended for 8 months, but that is another story). His instructors are amazed at the changes they see in him from week to week with the homeopathic remedies! Fareeha and Amaan are currently in Pakistan, so the Doctor (H. Dr. Bashir Malik) can observe Amaan closely and in detail, and so we can get the remedies for him right away. It has been a challenge getting the remedies from Pakistan, as some of the Potencies that Dr. Malik uses don't seem to be available here over the web, and we have to wait till we can find someone who would hand-carry the remedies for us. (He uses MMMM type potencies occasionally.) We just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for pointing us in the correct direction. You book gave us hope. We have the results in front of us now, and we are still seeing results on a daily basis.


Posted: 2007-04-05
Contributed by: machele masterson from williamsville (
Primary complaint: autism

My son Brendan was a normal healthy boy. He hit all the milestones at the correct age. We took him for his 18 month mmr vaccine, that night everything changed. He was screaming very angry unable to sit. That night when we put him to bed he woke up with a scream that sounded like a cat that was in a fight. Within minutes he started with a cough that sounded like the croupe. I said with him all night with a steam shower running. I called the Doctor the next day and he said that he had the croupe and he will be fine. However,from that night on he did not sleep all he did was cry and scream and rage all night long. When this was going on he would run away like he had no idea who we were. By the age of 2years old he ripped our bedroom door off the hinges. It would take my husband and myself to hold him down to change him. He was so pwerful. He seemed angry and unable to sit. He could not speak, only point or hit something he wanted. He no longer would eat food he only wanted milk or cereal. Then one day someone refered us to a homeopath named Sally Williams. She saved our sons life 4years lated he is a normal 6 year old boy. He goes to a normal school. If I did not tell anyone what happend to hime no one would know that he was ever autistic. Brendan has gone into complete recovery after going through sally's program. My whole family goes to her know. Sally Williams and homeopathy saved my sons life. He is know reading and writing, and playing sports and going on sleepovers at other peoples homes. Sally took a child who was unable to function in society to a normal boy. You must understand here are just a few things that we were not able to do with him: wash or cut his hair, give him a bath in summer could not wear shorts or short sleeves, he was always cold, it could be 80 out and he would want to wear a sweater. He would never play in a pool. He could not handle the beach. never any music or any noise was tolereated by him. My list could go on and on. All I know is that I could not thank Sally Williams enough for giving my whole son back to me. I believe in her and the program and recommend this to anyone. If your child has become autistic i highly recommend that you give Sally Willaims a call. Thank you, Machele Masterson

Posted: 2007-03-16
Contributed by: Kristin S. from San Antonio
Primary complaint: Unexplained nerve pain everywhere

Hi Amy, As funny as this may sound, I'm writing to share my story with you after promising the doctor who cured me in Pakistan that I would do so. I haven't had a chance to get your book yet (we landed yesterday), but he insisted so ferverently that I tell you what happened that no wasn't an option . Ironically in route to Pakistan the year before (January 2006), I thought I might be developing a cavity in one of my back teeth on the left side. The pain spread to my left ear as well so I figured maybe I was getting a cold (and thus an earache). Suddenly lighting bolts of pain began to flash through my head, and all I could do was scream and cry. The pain would come on slowly, last a torturous hour or two, then die down bit by bit. I begged my husband to do anything--ANYTHING--to stop the pain. We consulted 6 or 7 local doctors ranging from dentists to ENT specialists. No one had any idea why I was in so much pain. Dental x-rays and a CT scan looked normal. An internal medicine specialist pinpointed the pain to my trigeminal nerve and prescribed so many medicines that I spent the rest of my vacation sleeping away the side effects. The pain left as suddenly as it had come and since no one had any explanations, my curiosity faded with the passage of time. In April 2006, I started leaking breast milk without any known reason (galactorrhea). Though my hormone tests were ultimately normal, I ended up switching doctors after hearing my own OB-GYN tell me she wouldn't believe me unless she saw it herself. Needless to say, her jaw dropped when I unbuttoned my shirt with a sigh, only to be asked..."Do you really really want another baby?" AH! It continued all year long until October 2006 when I began to feel very tired. Much to my surprise, I learned I was pregnant again. Just weeks after learning the good news, I had a miscarriage on December 15th. At the same time, I came down with a horrible sinus infection and lo and behold, on December 28th...a strangely familiar toothache..then earache insued. This time I went to see a neurologist and was told I was probably in the early stages of MS with trigeminal neuralgia. Within days I had severe shooting pains in other parts of my body, much to his surprise. I was sent for a brain MRI (with contrast), which again looked normal. I went for a second opinion and was sent through a new battery of tests: a neck MRI, a diagnostic mammogram, 20+ blood tests, and a spinal tap (done under fluroscopy, but the unlucky doctor managed to hit every nerve in the area, and I spent 30 minutes screaming, naked, & tilted at a 45 degree angle on a bed being skewered alive. No joke.) There was talk of Lyme disease or early MS again. Severe chest pains sent me to the ER for the umpteeth time so I got the heart attack panel too. I was doped up with carbamazepine but left it because I wanted to be able to care for my son--something I could barely do on zombie medicine. At this point my husband (as you may have guessed, a Pakistani) suggested we consult the first doctor in Pakistan who had at least stifled the symptoms. After taking the 24 hour flight with a toddler in tow, we met the first doctor who suggested all kinds of pain killers but could offer no explanation. We got unsolicited advice from other familiy members (fresh out of med school) which I politely declined. Then my mother-in-law suggested a homeopathic doctor who had fixed her allergy problem.... Walking into Dr. Bashir Malik's clinic, I was informed he was best at restoring vital forces that were out of alignment. What exactly was a vital force anyway? But since those had yet to be examined, I was game. I was imagining a dark room filled with candles and incense, but much to my surprise, we sat down in a cheery waiting room filled with calligraphy from the Quran. After taking my complete medical history (starting with a catfish that landed whisker side down in my toe at age 7), he gave me a dropper full of medicine that instantly warmed my hands and toes. For as long as I could remember, I figured those parts of my body simply lacked circulation, but suddenly I was no longer popsicle toes in bed! Several days later I was singing the praises of homeopathy as my symptoms were dying down. A week later I began taking the medicine on an as-needed basis, and as I write to you today, I am more energic than I have been in months (though drowning in medical bills for all those fun stateside tests). As it turned out, I was suffering from brain/spinal injuries (hence the sporatic nerve pain) and metal toxicity. While hindsight is 20/20, I groan to think of all the extra baggage those tests probably added to my body (20 needle pricks can't be good for one's toxin level). The ironic part is my father spent the greatest part of his life working for Eli Lilly (located in Indianapolis, IN). I had no idea pharmaceutical companies were driving out alternative medicine, but I guess I've got to pick up a copy of your book to learn more about that! Sharing my struggle was my part of the bargain when western medicine failed so I've tried to mention every last detail. Thanks for your avant garde work in a field that more people should and can know about... May my story cheer you on in all your efforts- Best regards, Kristin S. San Antonio, Texas

Posted: 2007-02-15
Contributed by: Karin from Austin
Primary complaint: Autism

My son had a completely wonderful and normal babyhood. He was cooing and interacting and had the most infectious laugh. He did have some colic, but we took it in stride. He was crawling by 6 months and walking by 11 months.

I wish I had never started his vaccinations at 6 months, but even though I was concerned and had delayed vaccination, I was still too afraid because of propaganda to go completely vaccination free. I falsely reasoned that he would be able to handle them because he was completely breastfed and completely healthy and that this was probably one of his healthiest times of his life for his immune system to deal with vaccination. We started with DTaP and Polio and HiB. At 8 months he had his very first illness, an upper respiratory infection. used homeopathy and he came through it just fine. He received the MMR at 18 months. At that point his development still seemed OK, but he had started to develop some things that I would later find out were autistic symptoms. He never hand flapped or rocked or did some of the things that would have definitely triggered concerns in me with what little knowledge I did have of Autism. His speech was delayed, he verbally stimmed (although I did not know that was what it was that he was doing), and he did not point or bring toys to me like most children would do. I did not realize he was not doing those last two developmental milestones until later when he was diagnosed. He also lost general eye contact and while still attached and playful with us, he completely ignored everyone else in the world.

I began attempting to potty train him after his second birthday but it was useless because not only was he not ready but he wasn't talking and I couldn't adequately communicate with him. I thought to myself that surely he would be talking by age three and at that point we would try again. The only doctor visits he ever had were "well check-ups" and we went in for an annual one at three years of age. This time we went to a family doctor instead of our regular pediatrician. Prior to this when he went for well-baby checkups and at his 1-year and 18 month and 2-year check-ups, his pediatrician would ask me about his language development. He would say something like "Does your son have 70 words?" My mouth would drop open in disbelief and I would say "NO.. maybe more like 10". Each time the pediatrician would reassure me about different levels of development and "being a boy" and things like that. At his two year checkup I actually wrote down every word that my son had but it was nowhere near the level he was supposed to have. I was still reassured during the brief visit. At the three year checkup the family doctor said my son needed some "speech therapy" and that he needed to be potty trained. I felt guilty and left without even a referral. I also allowed the family doctor to start the Hepatitis B series of vaccinations because I knew my son would need them for school.

The next month I read an article that advised that I could have my son evaluated by the local school district for free and I figured that maybe he could get "speech therapy" through the school. I had never heard of early intervention or any other program and the family doctor had not given me any other resource. I had to wait a couple of months for the school to open because it was now Summer. So, that September, I called and got the ball rolling for the School to evaluate him. In the meantime as my son was getting the Hepatitis B vaccinations that Summer, he was spiraling downward into a world of autism. The day that he lined up his cars in a row, I took a picture of it thinking he had done something brilliant and unusual. Unusual was right! I didn't realize how different he was from my friend's children because we just still enjoyed him so much and were used to his idiosyncrasies. Our friends and family were very concerned but not saying so to us. When they found out we were going for evaluation they kept expressing how supportive they would be for us and I couldn't understand why they looked so relieved.

At our first visit to the school for a play-based evaluation - I couldn't believe how my son could just look right through the evaluators as if they weren't there. I was shocked. He played with the toys but it was almost as if the other people didn't exist. When they asked me to leave the room to see his reaction, he had no reaction. They asked me many, many questions about stereo-typical autism behaviors but never used the "A" word with me. In my mind I could not understand why they were asking me about Autism. That first day I went home and did an internet search about Autism. I pulled up tons of information and as I read the information about the Autism SPECTRUM my husband said immediately "That's it. Our son has Autism". I still couldn't really believe it but it was undeniable. I immediately booked an appointment with his pediatrician who hadn't seen our son in over a year because we had been to the family doctor instead. The next week we went in and I expressed my concerns and the Pediatrician said that my son was definitely on the spectrum within 5 minutes of being in the room with us and gave me a referral to a Pediatric Neurologist. In the meantime we were still going to a follow up appointment with an autism specialist at the school. They finally said the word to me at one of the follow up visits and by that time I already knew. During this one-month period my son had an EEG, bloodwork, MRI and whatever else the Neurologist wanted and everyone came back with the same explanation. He was autistic, he should start school, and his future was completely unknown.

We never saw the pediatric neurologist again or any other medical doctor. There was nothing they could do. The school enrolled him in the Pre-school Program for Children with Disabilities. I had to send my three year old to school instead of have him home with me for the next two years. I began to read and delve into the world of Autism and I went to conferences and we finally started "speech therapy". Life moved along but it was so different than it had been. My son was very stimmy at this point, he had lost a lot of the words he had been able to say, and he was in his own world. I discontinued all vaccinations. He never got that third Hepatitis B shot and no boosters or Chicken Pox or anything else that was on the schedule. I didn't know if vaccinations were a problem or not but I was not taking any more chances.

Speech therapy did not help my son to talk. School did not help my son to talk. I desperately wanted to talk with him. Two years after his diagnosis, I attended a conference where I learned about Thimerosal and other possible causal factors as well as bio-medical treatment. I had dabbled with homeopathy going to a couple of different practitioners during those two years, but was not getting anywhere and although I loved homeopathy and used it in the family for everything else, I did not have confidence that homeopathy and a single remedy was going to help my son with his complex issues. I could not imagine there was a simillimum for all the variety of symptoms my son had. But I was looking. I was reading every single remedy description in my materia medica and I was trying to find someone who I had heard of that had successful treatment with homeopathy. I was getting very close to trying chelation and some of the other DAN! treatments. I finally heard about Amy Lansky's book and ordered it. I was so encouraged by her story, but her son's background was different than my son's and I couldn't see how to proceed nor who I could access to help me in my area. I attended the conference of National Center for Homeopathy in the Spring of 2005 and went to the session on Autism Spectrum and listened as Amy and other homeopaths discussed the use of homeopathy in the treatment of ASD. I was very encouraged but I was also dismayed by a lot of people saying that the parents needed to have their expectations adjusted. That total cure might not be possible. That the parents needed to be treated for their issues so that they could better accept their child's plight. I heard lots of stories of improvement, but the emphasis was on that it would take a very long time and that it might not bring the child totally back. I left that conference more determined than ever to use homeopathy but nervous as to whether it was the right decision because I was hearing of full recovery stories through chelation and other treatments. I did not want to put chelating chemicals into my son but I didn't feel that I had time to pursue a long slow cure through a single remedy approach. My son was closing in on his 6th birthday.

I had a good friend who was a classical homeopath who wanted to take my son's case. She had never treated a child with an ASD however so it would be new ground. We left that conference together determined to find our way. Less than a month later she would get the terrible news that her husband's cancer had come back and her attention was rightfully diverted to him. I went back to the internet and started searching for help for Autism through Homeopathy. I ordered an expensive set of videos from a famous homeopath who was having success however he was about 2000 miles away from us. Then one day I stumbled onto an e-mail list about the use of something called Sequential Homeopathy in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders. I had never heard of Sequential Homeopathy, but the anecdotal stories I was hearing and the discussion by the homeopath with interested parents was intriguing to say the least. I listened in for about a month, asked questions and feeling the pressure of my son's 6th birthday and his inability to communicate with me... we decided to take the plunge with Sequential Homeopathy. It seemed like I was somehow led to this decision because not only did they have great answers to my questions but they were located only 2 hours away from me!

We began treatment two weeks before my son's 6th birthday which was in early June. I was very excited because their approach was to work backwards through my son's timeline and work on the assaults his immune system had received through vaccinations and other things that he had experienced in his brief life. We started seeing results within the first month. The changes in our son that Summer were unbelievable to us. He developed new language skills every month after we would have an appointment and get a new set of remedies. His imagination began to develop. He started playing in a whole new way including with other children. He was pretending! He taught himself to swim. He went from being a child who would not put his head in the water to diving down to the deep end of a swimming pool to retrieve a toy and swimming across the pool, in one month's time! He was changing before our eyes and I have a journal of stories and notes and things that he did that he had never done before. That first year of treatment he began to speak in sentences and his vocabulary exploded. When he started School that Fall he was placed into a general education Kindergarten class (he was six, but I had requested to hold him back) with the support of an aide. He could not hold his pencil very well and all he could do was scribble. Within a few months he was drawing very detailed pictures even in small spaces. The School expected him to fail in the general education classroom so they had put him in there to indulge me with the expectation that he would have to be returned to the self-contained classroom. Within three weeks at the beginning of the school year they had an ARD meeting where they informed me that he would be staying in the general education classroom. They explained to me... "We just had no idea he would improve so much during the Summer."

We continued to have appointments with our Sequential Homeopath - who is Lindyl Lanham of the Houston Center of Homeopathy. She treated him with a large variety of homeopathic remedies and some other supportive supplements to keep yeast issues at bay and help his immune system be able to detox. He made new gains and improvements every single month. He took his remedies very willingly and even asked me to give them to him at times because he knew they were helping him. He changed completely from the boy he was and he came out of the world of Autism and into the world of interaction and communication and social experiences.

We are now almost two years from the point where we started. Our son talks non-stop!!! He has friends and goes to sleep-overs; he has an amazing imagination; he is showing a lot of artistic talent as his drawings become more and more impressive; he has overcome some incredible sensory problems. I did not even talk yet about his sensory issues. He used to scream like he was being tortured when he would have to get his haircut. This led to him having military haircuts for his early childhood because we would cut it as short as possible in order to do it less often. Today he jumps up into the chair and converses with the woman who cuts his hair and he laughs and he tells himself in the mirror that he is so handsome! He used to gag and choke at trying to eat certain foods. He would hold a piece of meat in his mouth for over an hour rather than chew it and swallow it! He couldn't handle any food that was too soft. Today he eats anything and dinner is no longer stressful. The word stressful is actually an understatement to what it used to be like to try to feed him.

There is much more to this story than I have remembered to write here. I have been typing for over an hour though and I don't know if anyone has the patience to read this whole thing anyway. I just wanted to share that parents should never give up or feel that it is too late. There are answers. I am so happy and blessed to have my son back. I don't know what would have happened if we had not found Sequential Homeopathy. I don't even want to think about that. Thankfully I don't have to.

Posted: 2006-12-17
Contributed by: Barbara Napholtz from Gillette, NJ (
Primary complaint: Chronic sinus infection

As of September, 1999, I was a very healthy woman who rarely needed to see a doctor and who had taken a course of antibiotics a handful of times over the course of my 43 years. All that changed when I developed a chronic sinus infection that did not respond to any antibiotic treatment. As the months progressed, the infectious drip caused me to develop serious chronic asthma, which responded only to steroids. I suddenly found myself relying on a daily steroid inhaler, occasional oral steroids, constant antibiotics and a rescue inhaler that was always with me.

Sinus surgery in September 2000, and a second, more extensive surgery involving areas close to my eyes and brain in August, 2003 did not restore me to good health. After a year of post-surgical antibiotics I was referred to an infectious diseases doctor, who assaulted the bacteria in my head with mega-doses of antibiotics. By Spring, 2006, my body had had enough.

I began seeing a homeopath in April, 2006. I have been antibiotic-free, steroid-free, inhaler-free and practically decongestant-free since that time. I have regained my ability to smell and taste completely. Homeopathy has become a way of life -- now, rather than resorting to the traditional medicines in our bathroom cabinet, I'll consult my homeopathy books first and check out the standard kit my homeopath had me buy.

To say that homeopathy has given me back my life is putting it mildly.

Posted: 2006-10-24
Contributed by: Cindy from Sacristan (
Primary complaint: autism spectrum

My son Matthew cried since the day he was born. He was hospitalized when he was 5 weeks old with bronchiolitis and spent his first winter ill thereafter. He was a baby with colic and seemed to have food allergies. He was in pain after each feeding. Unfortunately we continued to vaccinate him. He started to scream at night and never slept for more than three hours straight. When I stopped breastfeeding at 17 months he developed chronic diarrhea. Introducing cows milk sent him over the edge, he started to loose eye contact and stopped walking. We quickly took out cows milk and gluten since I was already aware of food allergies and he improved. But the chronic diarrhea and behavioral issues got worse and worse.

We started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and saw a DAN doctor when he was 2 years old. He improved in the beginning but things got worse again. He couldn't tolerate any supplements or probiotics. We then discovered the Low Oxalate Diet and he improved but still was not able to tolerate supplements and after a couple of months the diet no longer seemed to be working.

This is when I read an article in Mothering Magazine about Amy Lansky's experience with homeopathy. I thought, why didn't I know about this before? I quickly made an appointment with a homeopath in Madrid. You could see the difference after the first remedy. My son was constantly asking to be picked up. He didn't even have the energy to play. After the first remedy he asked to walk around the block and didn't ask to be picked up once. With the homeopathy treatment we have been able to add more foods back into his diet and begin using some supplements and probiotics. His thryoid problem has improved. He is more social and better behaved. He just seems happy and no longer in so much pain.

We also did craneo sacral therapy about 2 months into treatment. These sessions were so important to his healing. After cranio sacral therapy he ate more slowly and wasn't anxious about food anymore. His behavior also improved and he became more loving.

Although we have only been using homeopathy and craneo sacral for 6 months I feel that these are the two treatments that have helped my son the most during his 4 years of healing.

I am also being treated for a thyroid problem and slight depression. These past four years have taken its toll. Homeopathy has helped me as well. I am feeling better little by little and am looking forward to a full recovery.

Posted: 2006-09-14
Contributed by: Judy from Dayton
Primary complaint: Grief - post traumatic

No one ever wants any problems when they go one vaccation, but things happen. I had just developed an interest in Homeopathy and had hoped to receive the Hyland's starter kit before leaving, but no such luck. It would be waiting at home when we returned.

The day before we were leaving Iowa where we were visiting family, my daughter, 2 1/2, wandered out to the pool. I found her moments later and pulled her out. She was not breathing...and to make things a little worse, I bumped her head on the way out of the pool, leaving a nasty bump and a tiny bit of bleeding on her tounge.

After a few rounds of rescue breathing, she spit out some of the water and began breathing on her own. I had decided at that point that I needed to get inside to a phone to call 9-1-1.

In the ambulance, I pulled out some Arnica gel from my purse and rubbed that on her bruising left temple. I did that frequently the rest of the day and night. I also tried it on the site where she had blood drawn. The head injury disappeared completely in 2-3 days while nearly 2 weeks later you could still see the blood draw site.

Fortunately, she was fine and doesn't seem to remember the event. Unfortunatley I did! All I could see every time I closed my eyes was the baby in the water...what a nightmare!

The started kit at home had some Ignatia which seems to have worked after one dose...and I am 3 weeks post now.

Posted: 2006-07-30
Contributed by: Judith from Canberra Australia
Primary complaint: Pet's Grief

One of our pet whippets passed away aged 14 after kidney failure and parathyroid problems. Our other whippet, who is now 15, went into a decline, as they had been mates since they were young puppies. She lost her appetite, developed a heart murmur and a persistent cough, caught a viral infection which would not go away, started to get very obvious opaque flecks on her eyes and was clearly going downhill. We came across up a book on homoeopathy for animals in the local library written by Dr Christopher Day. Prior to that we had no real idea what homoeopathy was about. We were quite impressed by the contents and thought it could do no harm to try homeopathy. As luck would have it, we discovered that there is a homoeopathic vet who practises in our city. We had already taken our surviving whippet to a regular (very competent) vet but she was not getting better. The homoeopathic vet prescribed ignatia 30c for grief. To our astonishment our whippet recovered from the viral infection overnight, the cough disappeared and she perked up emotionally. She is also taking silica 30c on an ongoing basis for skin and eye problems as well as cratageous mother tincture for her heart. She has made a wonderful recovery - no more cough, her skin is a lot better (she had sores on her stomach for some years that never seemed to heal; these have now disappeared), the worrying opaque flecks on her eyes cleared up and she is interested in life again. She has even resumed chasing birds (albeit she runs very slowly) and scrounging treats. We also improved her diet (switched to a special raw food diet as recommended by our homeopathic vet) and acquired a new whippet puppy, which also helped her. She is a changed dog and in very good health for a "golden oldie". Obviously we regret not knowing about homeopathy before the first whippet died, but the unexpectedly rapid results for the surviving whippet and her subsequent overall sustained improvement, both physical and emotional amazed and delighted us.

Posted: 2006-07-18
Contributed by: Dorothy Gardner from Arroyo Grande (
Primary complaint: NHL-Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

I am a very active 89yr.old lady who over the years has had many allergies. In 2003 I had got a rash over my whole body after pulling out a groundcover that had a yellow flower. Tho I was wearing a mask and gloves it still got to me. It took a good 3 months before I could get rid of the rash, as I was allergic to the assorterd Rx the doctor offered. Hence, I lost weight, sleep and energy.

Early in 2004 , while sleeping I felt my left shoulder blade itching and stinging. I remember rubbing the area while sleeping and thinking a bug must have been hiding in my hair, since I am in my garden often.

In the morning I checked with mirrors to see what happened. I found it was a red lump as large as a quarter and itching. I washed the area, put some calendula ointment on a few times a day. After a few weeks, I could see no improvement and decided to go to a skin doctor. Doctor removed some of it, and sent it away to be tested. I was shocked to find out the results were Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL). Of course, I was then sent to a cancer doctor. He checked same, gave me some printouts on what the situation was, and his recommendations of radiation, etc. etc. I made another appointment with him. When I got home, went to various homeopathic bulletin boards on computer and then cancelled the doctor's appointment.(haven't heard from him since)

With my research I found the book called " A Homoeopathic Approach To Cancer" by Dr.A.U.Ramakrishnan and Catherine R.Coulter.I bought the book and read it twice. I again went back to homeopathic bulletin boards to see if anyone had knowledge of the book and the theory he has setup in the book. With good luck I was recomended to Rosemary Hyde PHD, at She had taken many of Dr. Ramakrishnan lectures, etc. when he would come from India to the states. With Dr. Hyde's help and instructions of daily plussing system in the book my NHL tumor has been gone since June of 2005. I am now on higher daily doses, as instructions in the book, and shortly will go on weekly doses insted of daily. And then down the line, just once a month plussing to help keep the immune system in top shape. I take blood tests every 4 months to keep on top of whats going on as a second checkup. I am doing fine, and as I say to Rosemary, if I had a good male dance partner all my problems would be over and then my Equal Singles 60+ club would have a very happy, healthy 89yr.President.

If you are single, 60+,non-smoking and want a club like mine, check my site at e-Hug, Dorothy

Posted: 2006-06-23
Contributed by: Trina Hamer from Cumberland (
Primary complaint: Autism

Last summer 2005 I was told to read Amy Lansky's book. I was at a support meeting and the women, who all had children on the spectrum and who's children were all under the age of 5 convienced me that I had to read the book, so I did!!! August 2005 I took my very sick autistic son to a homeopath here in Maine. After our intake she put him on the remedy DPT. She hit the nail on the head. Many things started happening, first he got sick with headaches, and vomiting, I knew it was a good thing, it felt "right", so we continued with DPT! Eight months later really important things began to happen. The most important was toileting, I honestly thought I would be cleaning up after him for the rest of my life, but he started using the bathroom, thankyou thankyou. He is 9 1/2, he will be 10 in September(9/6/96). He got a very late diagnosis at age 3 1/2 in 1999,(today he probably would or could have been diagnosed at 9 months), and then he started ABA at the age of 4, because back then no one knew what to do and services were much harder to find. He is still non-verbal but his expressive and receptive have begun to work. If he knows the 1 phrase command he can usually comply, his aggressions have gone down, school reports vast improvements, and he interacts with his brother and sister.

I went crazy when he was first diagnosed (probably because I was carrying twins) but, because in 1999 no one knew what to do. I read the book Facing autism and that helped but it didn't help him much.

Some called him a savage and told me to look for a home for him,others just did the therapies and patted me on the back and said hang in there!!!

My son's autism has affected everyone in my family, my husband and I separated last year, after 17 years together and my boy/girl twins needed their own separate care. The twins are now 6 1/2 and on their own remedies..the boy twin nearly drowned at age 1 1/2 and my daughter in my mind is on the spectrum...their brother was so severe and hurt them often, but now they can play chasing games, hug and love eachother.!

Things are getting better, many factors but it is truly the homeopathy that is allowing my autistic son to enter into the typical world...I wanted to share this story because when I hear of others who have cured their autistic children I feel that, that is not going to be our case, BUT that doesn't mean my son won't get better!!!I see what homeopathy has done for my children and I also see a change for myself...something I thought might never happen. After reading Amy's book I bought four copies and have been passing them around. Everywhere I go I talk about homeopathy and autism. I finally see changes in my son as well as others around him..Thanks for reading Trina Hamer

Posted: 2006-01-14
Contributed by: Nancy from Canada (
Primary complaint: Allergies, depression, hormonal,etc.

I was in Naturopathic treatment for two years for chronic illnesses + depression. Chronic illnesses included allergies especially to dust and scented products. I had to wear a filter mask over my mouth/nose whenever I did household dusting and cleaning floors; in addition to using an air purifying machine. I was also experiencing severe pressure in uterine region, acid reflux, aching all over, and later learned that I had Fybromyalgia. In addition, I felt as if I had the flu most of the time, which was accompanied by extreme bouts of physical exhaustion. I often slept 12 hours per day. I was also very depressed.

These health problems were profoundly impacting my life. I received no help from the allopathic system of medicine. So I sought Naturopathic treatments. The ND used Homeopathy in the beginning, with absolutely no results. He then turned to Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture, which resulted in wonerful "temporary" relief. However, whenever the ND tried to wean me off of the herbs and acupuncture (thinking I was "cured"), ALL of my symptoms would return + more added. This treatment process happened over a period of two years. The ND was very kind, and I had wonderful results for most of my symptoms as long as I remained on the herbs and acupuncture path. I was taking 8-13 capsules per day. I didn't want to continue taking capsules. Unfortunately, whenever I stopped taking the supplements/herbs, my symptoms returned. It became a very discouraging journey with a great deal of money and time invested and this only added to my depression. That is when I made the leap to Homeopathy.

After seeing a Homeopath for one session, many of my symptoms were cured. I kept expecting them to return week after week (as they did under Naturopathic treatment whenever the herbs/acupuncture were stopped). However, the symptoms did not return with Homeopathy.

In addition, my depression lifted only FIVE minutes after taking the first remedy! The allergies to dust and scented products were cured in about one week! I no longer need a mask or air purifier when doing housework. My energy level returned to normal, as did my sleep patterns. The severe pelvic/uterine pressure and flu symptoms were also cured after one treatment with Homeopathy! I am so thankful.

Although I received some temporary relief of physical symptoms with Naturopathy, the depression continued. With Homeopathic treatment, one little pellet worked for many of my symptoms. I am still undergoing Homeopathic treatment, with confidence that treatment will not take two years as it did with Naturopathic medicine.

After my experience, I'm convinced that ND's should have post-graduate training if they plan to treat with Homeopathy. I'm equally convinced in the basic premise of Homeopathy "like cures like" vs the law of opposites which is used in allopathic medicine. I can speak from experience that Homeopathy offers cures. I am living proof.

As a result of my own healing experience,I've decided to begin the journey into the study of Homeopathy and help others in their journey back to health. I hope that my story will encourage others to follow the healing path in Homeopathy that leads to cure.

Posted: 2005-10-27
Contributed by: Karen Wehrstein from Huntsville, Ontario
Primary complaint: Autism

My son Raphi, born in 1998, and age seven as of this writing, was diagnosed with autism in 2001. He rarely spoke, and then only in one or two-word sentences with very simple concepts, his social interaction was almost non-existent, and his eye contact was only the most fleeting of glances. He was constantly stimming, by making oral "sound effects" and running back and forth, and had a diarrhea/flatulence problem.

When we began sequential homeopathy with Lindyl Lanham of the Homeopathy Center of Houston, he had already improved with the help of Lovaas-technique-based one-on-one therapy, the gluten and casein-free diet, and daily drops of homeopathic secretin, purchased from Ainsworth Pharmacy in England. But his improvement really took off after we began with Lindyl -- even though, as a non-vaccinated child whose birth-onset autism is apparently entirely hereditary, he is considered a relatively tough nut to crack.

Raphi's eye contact is now normal, he has simple conversations, and in his Grade Two class he's reading, printing and doing early math, and catching up with his peers. His stimming has decreased a great deal. Though he still has a lot to learn socially, he is interested, for the first time, in learning it. The diarrhea and flatulence are all but gone.

Is he entirely cured? Not yet; he still needs a full-time educational assistant and I'm sure would still test as autistic. But he is well on his way to an independent, if not entirely neurotypical, adult life -- something that I was not at all confident about before.

Posted: 2005-07-17
Contributed by: Michelle from Doan (
Primary complaint: Renal Reflux

In March 2005, my 3.6 year old daughter was hospitalized for 3 days with a kidney infection. Tests revealed she had renal reflux (essentially the bladder does not close off and urine goes back to the kidney)in BOTH kidneys.

Her pediatrician prescribed 2 years (yes, you read that right, 2 years!) of prophalactic antibiotics. (After 2 years the testing would be repeated to see is she had outgrown this condition. One of the tests required that my duaghter be catheterized. This was an awful experience for her!)

Uncomfortable with that plan, I contacted our homeopathic doctor. She recommended dosing my daughter with her constitutional remedies, Nat Mur and Pulsatilla. We also conducted urine tests weekly. After several dosing adjustments to her constitutional remedies (bacteria was still present in her urine), she gave my daughter Nat Mur 10M. Her urine is now clear. We continue to conduct urine tests weekly and no bacteria is present.

Posted: 2005-05-02
Contributed by: Mary Scholer, OTR/L from San Jose (
Primary complaint: chronic diarrhea

My son had a very difficult beginning, with a full 6 months of colic and 18 months of chronic diarrhea. He weighed just 17 lbs at 18 months. We had seen several physicians and even were seen at the Stanford gastroenterology clinic. No one seemed to be able to help my son. A very kind and insightful, Janet Sneider, MD, told me that western medicine would not be able to help my son. She referred me to a homeopath. After he dispensed the remedy to my son (which he called a constitutional remedy), he sold me a first aid kit of homeopathic remedies. I am not normally so skeptical, but felt at the time that I had been sold a bill of goods, proclaiming to him, ``This is a dog and pony show.`` Every one of the contents of the many vials in this first aid kit looked exactly the same. I left the office disgruntled, wondering what on earth had he given my son. Two days later I was a believer in homeopathy. The diarrhea my son and I had struggled with for 18 full months was gone! Our family has been using homeopathic remedies ever since to halt and reduce illnesses.

Sincerely, Mary E. Scholer, OTR/L Simonon Pediatric Development Center San Jose, CA.

Posted: 2004-08-30
Contributed by: C. LaCroix-Meyers from Phoenix (
Primary complaint: autism

My daughter, who is almost four, was diagnosed last year with autism. When I asked her pediatrician what we could do, her response was ``try some therapy {ABA), if that doesn`t work, you could put her in a group home``. At that time I was also told her I.Q. was probably 65, so she was also mentally retarted. I could not believe the callousness of many of the physicians I encountered, I think if they don`t have a ``quick fix`` for someting, they cannot be bothered!

Anyway, to be honest, I did not believe in homeopathy. I am a scientific person and a medcial student, and the infentesmal doses of homeopathy did not line up with what I knew (or rather thought I knew) about chemistry. To be honest, I was desperate, even just to hear words of kindness and the hope of cure. I had heard that homeopathy had cured Dr Lansky`s son, and although I did not entirely believe it, I hoped to believe it.

We took our daughter to a classical homeopath, where she was given Thuja occidentalis. At the time, I don`t think my husband and I did really think that she would be helped, even though we were hoping.

The changes in my daughter have been amazing, so much so that I can hardly believe it, and I would not blame you for disbelieving it. She has gone from not talking, staring in to space, with repetitive behaviors, to a daughter who is starting to talk, very affectionate, and without her old behaviors. We have taken her to developmental pediatricians who tell us she is NOT autistic, and then ask me and her father ``what happened to the old behaviours I see in ther records`` and we tell them ``she doesn`t do it anymore``. They are very confused. In addition, not only is her I.Q. not 65, we have been told she is very intelligent and may need schooling for ``gifted`` children!

My advice to parents is, never EVER give up on your child. Help is out there for you, you just need to look out for yourself and your child and not listen to people who are down on the possibility of cure because THEY cannot cure it.

Posted: 2004-05-07
Contributed by: E. McPhee from Maine (
Primary complaint: autism in son

My son was born in July 2001, a healthy 9 pounds, 10 ounces, 9 and 10 on the APGAR. The next day he developed a small fever and jaundice. I found out later he had a HepB vaccine without my knowledge. Despite persistent thrush and yeast rashes, my son flourished. He maintained growth in the 95th percentile, began very early babbling sounds, and began sleeping through the night. At 9 weeks old, he suffered a severe reaction to his first round of vaccines. He screamed incessantly from that moment on. He stopped sucking his thumb, stopped sleeping almost completely, developed all over body hives and eczema, severe reflux and aspirating, and his chronic yeast and thrush worsened. He ceased all babbling, and plummeted from the 95th percentile to below the 5th to off the chart for weight. He stopped having BMs (having only 3 in 2 months in the time right after his shots!) He developed food intolerances to nearly everything. He began headbanging as soon as he could crawl (at an early 5.5 months).

As he got older, autistic behaviors became apparent. He also had severe food intolerances, PST (phenol sulfur transferese) deficiency, leaky gut syndrome, hypotonia, and a multitude of other issues. By July of 2002 when my son turned 1 year old - he was still off the weight charts despite eating well. He had chronic eczema, all over body hives, a weepy eye, and all the other issues. We did a strict elimination diet and found a DAN (defeat autism now) doctor who confirmed our suspicions and documented our son had high mercury, high arsenic, leaky gut syndrome, excess yeast, and tetanus titers 3 times what is considered immune after just one shot (they are supposed to receive four).

While the diet helped significantly, it wasn`t until we began homeopathy in November of 2002 that we saw a huge turn around. Our first remedy I took as I was still nursing him while following the elimination diet. He made incredible gains (see bulleted list below). In summer of 2003 we gave the first dose of DPT remedy directly with astounding results. In November of 2003 we gave the second dose and we had our son back.

My son is now completely recovered except for his food sensitivities. He must remain on the diet or he regresses. However, he has his personality back, talks above age level, tests out developmentally above age level, plays independently, as well as with other children. He is a normal, happy, healthy, sweet natured little boy!

Following is a list of before and after behaviors.

Before beginning treatments:

-Headbanging 50+ times per day -Pushing head on carpet -Licking things -Walking on tiptoes -Lining things up -Spinning -Addicted to mozart music cube -Had never played with a toy -Had never pointed -Did not interact with his 5 year old sister -Did not talk -Did not notice surroundings -Did not respond to name -Did not communicate wants -Did not know mama or dada -Did not notice other children -Could not follow something pointed out -Could not follow simple directions -Stared at the TV for hours at a time (if I let him) without looking away -Basically just wandered around the house all day -Preoccupation with phone/ ringing -Preoccupation with boots -Severe food sensitivities continue -Frequent congestion/colds (environmental allergies) -Frequent raw, red diaper rash -Weak muscles - Hypotonia -Drunken sailor walk, falls down often, falls into things -Frequent loss of balance -Difficulty climbing up on furniture, rag doll like -Persistent weeping eye -Cold to the touch - did not sweat -Frequent hugging but more of a sensory experience - folds arms under and lays head on shoulder -Sighs frequently, difficulty (does not) exerting himself -Sensitive to touch, does not like ears, fingers, or toes touched -Delayed response (waves bye-bye 3 minutes after leaving) -Frequent rages

After treatments.

Within one month of first dose of remedy (11/2002):

-Pointed deliberately -Noticed changes in his surroundings -Responded to name on first try -Played with sister -Looked at something pointed out -Answered yes or no with head nod -Took hand to lead to wants -Called each parent by name (mama & dada) -Pointed to little girl his age at store and said, `hi` -Began to play for 1 minute at a time -Reacted scared to movie for first time (which he had seen many times before) -Followed three step commands -Began drawing using different colors (stim - 1/2 hour to an hour at a time) -Trying to emulate speech noises

2nd Dose of remedy January 30, 2003. No other interventions.

Within two weeks:

-No headbanging -No spinning -No pushing head on carpet -Not stimming on words -No longer obsessed with boots or phone or coloring -Plays with sister and independently -Engages in pretend play -Showing interest in books -Walking steadily -Able to tolerable vitamin -11 words although most of his own language

1st dose of DPT remedy given in July. By September, 2003 (26 months old):

-Successfully weaned off Pepcid -Weeping Eye cleared -50 words -25 signs -Knows all his colors and shapes -Very social -Loves reading books -Walking steadily

November 12, 2003, 2nd dose of DPT remedy. No other interventions:

-Within two weeks (28 months old): -Potty trained himself! -Dresses himself completely head to toe (had never put on a piece of clothing before) -Putting 3+ words together -Talks more than he signs -Repeats words back -Repeats entire alphabet & 1 - 10 -Recognizing letters -Writing the letters B & O -Can pick out ME, NH, FL, TX, CA, WA, and OR on a map from memory -Understands concept of 2 -Consistent use of 'yup' in place of 'oh' -Uses words like 'in,' 'on,' and 'up' consistently and properly -Showing typical developmentally appropriate behaviors (terrible two's)

By February 2004 (31 months old):

-Using words spontaneously and appropriately. Talking in full sentences. Lost track counting at 150+ words. Age appropriate for speech! -Self-created language diminished -Calls people by name -Refers to self by name -Recognizes self in mirror -Uses pronouns (you & me) appropriately -Loses all developmental services (speech - was 1 hour 2x/week and developmental therapy - 2 hours 1x/week) -Tests out advanced in many areas -Sleeps 11 hours per night -Very happy toddler -Completely indistinguishable from his peers

Recently while driving in the car he told me all about how ``bears hibernate in the winter, lions roar in the jungle, and baby kangaroos ride in their mommy`s pouch.`` At bedtime, he sneaks out of bed and turns on his light to read books in his bed. Every day he surprises and delights us with new stories and new thoughts and ideas. His speech is becoming more and more articulate and his inflection is heartwarming. He has also become very loving and snuggly. Whereas before he did not like his fingers, toes, and ears touched, today he will happily climb on my lap and snuggle in. One of the happiest days of my life was when he recently held my face in his hands and said, ``I love you, Mommy.``

While we did many interventions (diet, probiotics, CLO, DMG, enzymes for phenol intolerance, etc.), I believe the homeopathy has played a significant role in his recovery. We have also had much success with homeopathy for me, my husband, and my daughter.

Posted: 2004-03-25
Contributed by: Tamara from Winston-Salem (
Primary complaint: Birth Defect/Neurological

In December, 2000 while walking my Labrador Buck on his morning walk, we found a puppy in an intersection in my neighborhood. He was staggering some, so I assumed he had possibly been hit by a car. I called him to me and he came over, but screamed when I tried to put a leash on him (around his neck) so I picked him up and carried him to my home to take him to a vet. As I carried him, I realized he was making constant, almost mini-seizure movements, though he was conscious and cheerful. I took him to my vet for a checkup, bath, and tests to see if we could determine his problem. Blood tests revealed no answers, so my allopathic vet prescribed Prednisone in case Teddy had been struck by a car or had another traumatic injury or abuse. I took him home with no answers, and my vet told me she had never seen anything like this except in the neurological films during her vet schooling. After 10 days on the Prednisone, there was no improvement. Teddy`s symptoms were constant movement, as if `humping` the air, combined with his rear legs spasmodically kicking out as he attempted to walk, causing him to fall often. His head moved in a palsy like manner and never ceased, except while lying prone. In February, 2001, I took him to my homeopathic vet for a workup and she prescribed the remedy Calc carb in the dosing of 1M, one time. He began showing improvement within a few days, starting with less spasmodic jerking of his rear legs, then less and less seizure or palsy like movements until he had none at all!! The cure took less than a month I would say. Teddy had a recurrance of his problems 9 months later, and we re-dosed with the same remedy, same potency. 9 months later, he again exhibited symptoms again, but this time I recognized the symptoms before they came back full force and I re-dosed with his remedy. Both times, improvement was seen within 12 hours. My vet and I decided if in 9 months it happened again, we would increase the potency, but Teddy has been symptom free for the past 18 months. However, I do keep his remedy on hand. I had first consulted a homeopathic vet for one of my other animals, but witnessing Teddy`s cure/miracle convinced me forever and without doubt of the power of Homeopathy. There is no other modality I have as much faith in as Homeopathy, and the proof is lying at my feet, sleeping and healthy.

Posted: 2003-12-02
Contributed by: Mitchell A. Fleisher, M.D. DHt from Nellysford, Virginia (
Primary complaint: Child with behavioral problems

This case describes one of my patients.

- A.K., 6 y.o. white male, previously done well on homeopathic treatment for chronic cough, fatigue and allergies

- Since DPT and TOPV vaccines, had frequent URIs that went into chest, putrid breath, capricious appetite, clingy and manipulative toward mom, very selfish, jealous and mean toward baby sister, irritability, craving for macaroni & cheese and salty things

- Initially, good response to DPT and TOPV homeopathic nosodes with resolution of all symptoms, then recurrence and worsening of mental state after NAET for allergies, i.e., developed new behavioral problems at school, home and church

- He can't keep his hands to himself, doesn't listen when told to stop, very rough with peers and baby sister, hitting, grabbing and poking at others with scissors, cutting up sister's dolls and clothing, defies parents and teachers intentionally, hyperactive, throws tantrums, kicking and screaming when doesn't get his way, very stubborn, teases and harasses family cats mercilessly, shows no remorse for unprovoked aggression, never apologizes, extremely selfish and bossy, strong craving for macaroni & cheese and Canadian bacon

Homeopathic Clinical Rubrics:


- Dramatic response to Tuberculinum 1M: rowdiness, restlessness, meanness, aggression, defiance, inattention gone within 1 week after remedy; also, resolution of lying and stealing (not mentioned before)

- Behavior is in a normal range for age at home, school and church now

- Has become much more sensitive, sympathetic and affectionate

- May occasionally quarrel with and hit sister and peers, but now shows remorse and apologizes

- Much milder ill effects of wheat, cheese and milk since remedy, i.e., does not become as hyperactive and belligerent

- Much fewer and milder URIs, don't go into chest, resolve quickly

- Mom said: Overall, he's doing great, I have my little boy back

- Follow-ups at 6 and 12 months confirmed very good general health

Posted: 2003-10-08
Contributed by: Judith Goettert, DO from Abingdon
Primary complaint: Distemper

I have a male barn cat, about 1 year old or maybe a little more. He comes and goes as he pleases as he is not nuetered. He has never been vaccinated. I don`t worry if I don`t see him for awhile as I think someone else along our river is feeding him too; he always seems well-fed when he does show up. About 3 months ago he had been gone about four or five days when he showed up with what appeared to be fulminant distemper. He had a profuse, green, bland nasal discharge, primarily right-sided. His sinuses were completely stopped up; he had to mouth-breathe. He was emaciated and listless, and was obviously coming to me for help. I was sick at the time too, and my head was foggy, so for the first two days I force-fed him venison broth to try to keep him hydrated. He wasn`t gaining any ground though, and I was afraid I`d lose him, so as soon as I was able to think clearly, I started concentrating on finding him a homeopathic remedy. I thought about his general character, a very sweet and loving cat who looks at me with big eyes and meows very heart just goes out to him. Then I thought about his discharge, the fact that he was coming to me for help, and also seemed to be better in fresh air and confirmed Pulsatilla in my repertorization. I gave him Puls 30C that night and he spent the night hawking and swallowing lots of mucus. Up until this time he would not take any food since he couldn`t smell it. The next morning he seemed to be interested in food, so I fixed him a bowl, and he polished it off and asked for more. He needed two more doses of 30C, whenever he would sniff at his food but not eat it. I would then give him a dose, and 5 minutes later he`d be eating well. He has made a complete recovery. I`m just glad to still have him around and to know I`ve helped to strengthen him with homeopathy.

Posted: 2003-08-31
Contributed by: Caroline L Spear from Bognor Regis
Primary complaint: Mild Asthma

My first ever appointment with a homoeopath in 1994 was for my baby daughter. She was 9 months and still mostly breastfed. She had recently started to vomit horrendously at night and I could find no reason why. At the appointment Phyl said that whatever the baby needed, so did the mother, as we were a breastfeeding pair. Zsofia had had an unmedicated underwater homebirth, one short course of anti biotics at age 2 weeks for a supposed eye infection and no vaccinations. I , however was suffering PTSD from her sisters' horrendous ceasarean birth, was almost recovered from meningitis, using an inhaler to relieve mild asthma symtoms and always suffering from sinusitis. From the first remedy (Nat Phos I think) I have not used or needed the inhaler. Zsofia stopped throwing up (oh joy!) and over the course of another year, my sinus`s cleared completely, all the back pains from various injuries cleared out, and I began to see a light at the end of the PTSD tunnel, as nightmares and flashbacks lessened. A few old warts and skin tags also dropped off along the way and my history, that I had taken to be a normal part of my life, I.E repeated chest infections, also disappeared.

Posted: 2003-08-30
Contributed by: Dr. J. Rozencwajg, MD, PhD. from New Plymouth, New Zealand (
Primary complaint: A Patient with stroke

This elderly gentleman (who has given permission to report his case) came into my office about 18 months ago. He sat down heavily on the chair and said in a slurry voice "My head is full of cement". He had been referred to me by a GP who had nothing else to offer him but wanted to help. He was obviously having what is called a stroke in progress: not a sudden event, not TIAs that dissappear without leaving a trace, but progressively worsening paresis (partial paralyisis), slurring of the voice, slow ideation, need to think and search for his words, slow motions,..... To me, he belonged in a neurological ward in hospital, with anticoagulants, monitoring, CT and MRI and angiograms, as he could have completed his stroke any time. But having heard that explanation, he and his wife decided to give homeopathy a go. So I gave him Plumbum 5C, 1 globule dissolved in 10 mls of water, take one drop 3 times/day for 3 days and call me. Needless to say I was very nervous about him, and as he did not call on the third day, I did so on the fourth. He profoundly apologised for not ringing me as had been busy mowing his lawn! All the symptoms dissapeared on the second day, never to reappear again.

Posted: 2003-08-30
Contributed by: Sally from Vallejo, CA (
Primary complaint: dying kitten

My seven-month-old kitten was dying. His right eye was so grossly swollen with a thick opaque film over it that he couldn`t see out of it. His lungs rattled with every breath. I took him to vet after vet, hoping to find someone who could help him. His eye infection spread to his nasal passages while he was on antibiotics, he was getting sicker and sicker. At work, I was handed the phone number of a vet who makes house calls and told, "He`s a good vet." baby Alice was too sick to drag to yet another vet but I couldn`t give up on him. Four allopathic vets had sent him home to die, saying they didn`t know what else to do beyond steroids to make him feel better and antibiotics in hopes of quelling the eye infection.

The "new" vet told me he used homeopathy, of which I had only vaguely heard. I didn`t care, allopathy wasn`t working, it was time to do something else. I was prepared for bA to lose sight in one eye, possibly for the vet to say it would be kindest to euthanize him. But when the vet examined bA, he said that we could get bA well, which I`d never considered. I also didn`t believe him but followed his directions for administering remedies, taking notes on changes, and keeping him updated on bA`s condition. The vet, another cat I had at the time who bA had adopted as his "mom," and I worked very hard to keep bA alive but, in the end, bA did all the hard work.

bA`s cure wasn`t instantaneous. But I could see distinct changes within three days of administering his first remedy. The swelling of his eye gradually decreased, his lungs rattled less, he began feeling better. He just passed his fifth birthday, a happy, healthy, energetic little guy who did not lose eyesight.

bA still gets jealous if he sees me giving one of the other cats a remedy--he wants one, too. :)

Posted: 2003-07-29
Contributed by: Amy Lansky from Portola Valley, California (
Primary complaint: Conjunctivitis in a dog

When we first got our dog Shadow, she had problems with conjunctivitis that we think she contracted from the dog she shared her space with at the shelter. The inner corner of her eyes would get all goopy with yellow-green discharge and her eyes were red. She was also a clingy puppy who licked a lot, was not very thirsty, liked to be outside, and was a very fussy eater who didn`t like fat -- she wouldn`t even eat chicken skin! These are all signs of the remedy Pulsatilla, which her homeopathic vet recommended. It did clear up these problems for many years.

Just recently we went on vacation, leaving Shadow with a housesitter. When we returned, her conjunctivitis had returned, with the yellow-green goop and red eyes. The housesitter also reported that she had wet her bed one night -- a first in all of the seven years we have had her. Clearly, our being away had upset her. Given her past experience with Pulsatilla, plus the fact that nighttime bedwetting is also a symptom of the remedy, I gave her a dose of Pulsatilla 200c (that`s the flower Pulsatilla Nigrans, diluted to the degree of 100 to the 200th power!) Over the next few days, the conjunctivitis slowly diminished by about 50%, but didn`t totally clear up. I was still wiping her eyes 2 or 3 times a day.

I gave her a second dose of Pulsatilla 200c -- and the entire problem was completely gone the next morning! Even after writing Impossible Cure, I am still amazed at the miracles of homeopathy.